By the healers? If the doctors did everything they could




True North 3 March 2005 (39)

With Doctor of Medicine oncologist highest category manager. Department of Clinical Oncology, Michael Levite, we talked about the non-traditional methods of treatment. Why are some folk medicine helps, while others bring to the region?

— Often, patients come to us with a very advanced stage of cancer, including those with easily treatable in the early stages of basal cell carcinoma. Many people try to do something myself at home, but often nothing good comes out of it.

The fact that the same basal cell carcinoma does not cause any pain, but if it is not treated as it should be, with the upper (basal) layer of skin tumor gradually penetrates, begins the destruction of subcutaneous tissue, cartilage, bone, the patient becomes inoperable. For example, the area of Krasnoborsky us once asked an elderly woman who had basal cell occupied a large part of the face …

"Now, many healers, witches, psychics are taken to treat the disease (rak. — Ed.) — Wrote in his book," The algorithm of health "famous Russian surgeon, cardiologist Academician Nikolai Amosov. — … Unfortunate, which the surgeon has refused surgery takes the drug and feels relieved. appetite appears, and even the weight is coming. great thing — the mind! … But that's enough for three months, maximum — for six months. then the disease progresses rapidly. "

— Is sometimes traditional methods of cancer patients help?

— In some cases — yes. But all purely individual. A person has the right to decide who to call — to the doctors or healers. However, he should realize that taking responsibility. One of my patients (she lives in one of the districts) have discovered a malignant tumor of the skin, is very uncommon. It was not possible to perform the surgery, the only thing left to nominate — radiation treatment. Eight years later, the patient again came to the reception. The tumor was stabilized only slightly increased in size. It turned out, the woman took jet fuel droplets in a specific pattern. Perhaps the deciding factor was not an effect of kerosene, and the fact that it is very strongly believed in kerosinolechenie.

I also remember a patient with chondrosarcoma of bone pelvis. Tumor squeezed intestines, causing bowel had to be output. Surgical treatment in his situation could not hold. I know that the patient is turned to the healer who enjoyed his set of herbs. It seems in this collection were Podkolodnaya grass, rosemary, Potentilla, celandine. Tumor growth for a while managed to slow. Although I repeat: the official medicine this treatment does not recommend or approve.

Nikolai Amosov, "I can not blame patients for gullibility. But most emphatically advise, refer to the healers can only be when it refused the operation. Do not before, do not get well, and miss the time."


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