By the shores of Labrador approached chip giant iceberg

Chip giant iceberg that had split in August last year from Greenland Petermann glacier, close to the coast of Labrador. , Said Tuesday in an interview with reporters, Charles Randall, director of research services company "C-DAC" dealing with the study of ice conditions.

Area of ice islands in the moment of separation from the main body of the glacier reached 251 square kilometers, the maximum length — 30 miles, and the thickness — up to 200 meters. But in mid-September, it split in two after the island caught Joe Island in the Strait Narezo separating the northernmost Canadian Ellesmere Island and Greenland. An estimated Canadian expert, now an area of about 64 square kilometers. Chances are that he may run aground off the north coast of Labrador and broke into several pieces. Typically, these fragments drifting off the coast of Labrador in the second half of July and August.

The appearance of such a large ice island off the coast, according to Randall, — a rather rare phenomenon, and so the experts of "C-DAC" continuously monitor the drift of satellite, measure the rate of melting and evaluate the probability of breaking into smaller icebergs.

About the same size ice island with an area of 61 square kilometers in July last year broke away from the other Greenland glacier — Jakobshavn. And the largest iceberg formed in the last half-century in the Arctic is a giant area of 600 square kilometers, separated in 1962 from the ice at the northern extremity of the array Ellesmere Island — the northernmost island of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

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