Calendar end of the world, which never took place.

Hello everyone! Tired already read about the date 21.12.12 and the end of the world from various natural disasters, and human error. Because today decided to publish CALENDAR END OF THE WORLD, which did not take place ;-). The dates in chronological order. You just marvel at how many times in 2000 years, we predicted it. And he, infection, and did not come. Yes, please note that since 1999 the number of "doomsday" for 1 year is just outrageously huge!

End of the World, Doomsday, Armageddon or global disasters, many "prophets" have declared many times, but humanity continues to prosper. The first mention of the end of the world dates back to 2800 BC. On cuneiform tablets found in Mesopotamia, the scientists were able to read the following words: "… I have a feeling that the world is on its last legs. Everywhere reigns bribery and corruption … ".
Here is the most famous date of the end of the world, which is not true.
Around the year 100. The first Christian end of the world was assigned to the day of the death of the apostle John, who wrote the book "Revelation", which vividly described the whole process of the destruction of humanity, but does not have the date.

156 year — end of the world and the Apocalypse will take place at the time — the prophecy of Montana, one of the early Christians.
666 year. Number of the Beast. Many Christians are waiting for the end of the world throughout the year.
799 and 806 years. Bishop Gregory of Tours calculated that the end of the world will occur between 799 and 806 a year.
922 year. Hippolytus of Rome predicted that the Apocalypse will take place, when Easter coincides with the Annunciation. In 992 Annunciation fell on Good Friday. People were expecting this day as the last, but when the end of the world did not happen.

1000 birth of Christ. The hysteria and madness is in anticipation of the end of the millennium. As noted by the chroniclers of the time, all over Europe, panic and terror reigned. People quit their jobs, day and night otmalivali sins in the church, handing out the property, took refuge in monasteries. Everybody expected the end of the world.
1033. The first millennium of the death of Christ. General panic, the sale of property. Christians await the Second Coming of Christ and the Last Judgment.
September 23, 1186. Ion Toledo. Calculating that this day would happen parade of planets in the constellation Libra, Ion Toledo sent a letter to Rome (known as the "Letter of Toledo") warning about Armageddon, but the great battle between the forces of good and evil you shall not take place.
1284. Pope Innocent III declared that this year — the second coming, adding 666 years to the date of the rise of Islam.
1332 — Number of the Beast 666 multiplied by 2. The doctrine of the imminent end of the world in 1332 extended the Christians of the Byzantine Orthodox Church.
1492. Doomsday date is based on the prediction that "this world was created 7000 years." The Byzantine era is the creation of the world, widely used at that time in the Orthodox countries (particularly in Russia), began in 5508 BC, and 1492 expire laid 7,000 years.

1524, January 15 and February 20, 1525, June. End of the world due to the great flood — the prediction of the German astrologer and mathematician Johannes Shtoffera.
1533. Melchior Hoffman predicted the Second Coming of Christ will be held this year in Strasbourg. He claimed that 144,000 people will be saved, while the rest of the world will burn in the fire.
1533, Oct. 18. According to calculations by the German mathematician and monk Michael Stiefel, end of the world must come this year.
In 1588, Europe is expected fulfillment of the prophecies mathematician Johann Muller (Regiomontanusa), which is almost a hundred years earlier (1476) asserted that all the most important events occur after a certain period of time. Such cycles are associated with the movement of the stars. Protestant theologian Philipp Melanchthon, citing Mueller, has calculated that in 1588 we should expect the prophecies of the Apocalypse and the time will come Judgment Day.
1603. Dominican monk Thomas Campanella predicted that in 1603 the sun collide with the Earth.
1648. Sabbatai Zevi, a rabbi from Smyrna (Turkey), believed that the Messiah will come this year and to those who committed a terrible judgment upon all mankind.
Christopher Columbus, who wrote the "Book of Prophecy", asserted that the whole world will end in 1656.
1666. "Number of the Beast" — 666 without one. In England, expecting the great fire that will destroy all life on Earth.
1688-1700 years. End of the world — based on the calculation and interpretation of the Apocalypse of St. John the Evangelist Scottish mathematician John Napier.
Judgment Day was to be held between 1700 and 1734 year — the prediction of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa.
1736, Oct. 13. End of the world as a result of the great flood, according to the prophecies of the English theologian William Whiston.
April 5, 1761. Englishman William Bell, a religious fanatic, has a few minor earthquakes as a sign of the approaching end of the world. When it was on April 6, but the end of the world did not take place, Bella put away in jail.
1814, October 19 — end of the world predicted by visionary prophetess Joanna Southcott, who will follow after the birth of her second Messiah.
1833, November 12 — end of the world, is expected in the United States due to strong stellar rain.
1843. According to the interpretations of the prophecies of the Bible followers of William Miller, (3 April and 7 July). 1844 (March 21 and October 22) — days waiting for a second coming of Jesus Christ and the beginning of Judgment Day.
1848 — end of the world. Predicting the Romanian saint Callinicus.
1874 — the date of the second coming of Jesus Christ and the beginning of Judgment Day. Interpretation of Bible prophecy certain trends Adventists do not accept the teachings of the Seventh Day Adventists. The most famous band — "Society of Biblical scholars" by Charles Russell.

1900, 1 (13) of November. According to the teachings of the sect "Red Death" in Russia, the end of the world to be held in 1900. About a hundred members of the sect have committed self-immolation.
May 18, 1910 the Earth had to drop a comet's tail which allegedly consisted of poisonous cyanide. At that time, there were special sale vial with the antidote.
October 1914 — earthly phase of the Kingdom of God and Armageddon, with the ascension of the faithful in a heavenly paradise, according to new calculations by Charles Russell, founder of the society, "International Bible Students" (the future of Jehovah's Witnesses). Because of past events is not doomsday date of 1915 and was transferred to the 1916.
1918. There will be "Armageddon", with the ascension of the faithful to the heavenly paradise. This is another doomsday date, which was predicted by Joseph Rutherford, the new leader of the society "International researchers scriptures" (future "Jehovah's Witnesses").
1919, December 17 — end of the world because of the parade of 6 planets, solar flares, and the burning of the earth according to the calculations of the American meteorologist Albert Porta.
1925 — Resurrection of the Old Testament saints, as claimed by Joseph F. Rutherford — President of the Society "International Bible Students" (future "Jehovah's Witnesses") Predicting canceled by Rutterfordom on the eve of the "fulfillment".
1945, September 21, at 5:33. "Revelations" the American priest Charles Long — the burning of the Earth and the end of the world. All of humanity will turn into ectoplasm. He expounded his prophecy in the voluminous treatise, and duped followers Long a week before the deadline given up on food, water and sleep.
1954, December 20. End of the world in the strongest earthquakes and floods. Predicting American physician-contactee Charles Laugheda.
1960, July 14, at 13:45. End of the world for all mankind, which will come as a result of the explosion of classified U.S. bomb, according to supporters of the Italian pediatrician Elio Blanco, built for himself refuge in the mountains ("Ark").
1962, Feb. 2. End of the world will take place between 12:05 and 12:15, which will follow after the parade of planets — the basis of calculations of Indian astrologers.
1967, December 25. End of the world as a result of a nuclear war — according to the teachings of the sect Danish Church Orton Dana. Church leader Anders Jensen on the money parishioners built a bomb shelter — an underground bunker.
1969, October 19. After the sun will end — light — a story by Ray Bradbury, "end of the world tomorrow."
1970, December 31, at 24:00. According to the predictions of the American Christian Church of the True Light, is the date of the end of the world.
1975 — the end of the first six thousand years of human history, due to the start of the "seventh millennium" earth's history. Calculations H. Knorr and F. Franz, members of the governing council of Jehovah's Witnesses.
1978, October 2 — Apocalypse foretold in the book "The Condemned Globe" which begins as a result of the Soviet Union started a nuclear war — under Australian businessman-writer John Strong and his followers erected a shelter "City of Doomsday"
April 29, 1980 End of the world in a nuclear war — the prediction of the Baha'i sect Leland Jensen and Charles Gaines, erecting a shelter in the mountains of the United States.
1982. Pat Robertson said that the end of the world will take place in 1982.
August 1, 1985. British retired General John Hackett wrote a book about that, it's time to start a nuclear conflict between the U.S. and the USSR, which will lead to the beginning of World War III. Interestingly, in this day Gorbachev signed the Helsinki Act of the Conference on Security.
1988, September 11-13. End of the world for all of humanity — the prediction of E. Vizenanta.
1989, December 31 — end of the world as a result of the collapse of the world economy and nuclear war, which is expected to Elizabeth Clare supporters and members of the World Arc Church.
1991. The coming of the Messiah and the end of the world will take place this year — the American Jewish leader of Chabad Lubavitch.
1992, Oct. 28. At midnight, the place of Armageddon and the end of the world — according to the beliefs of the members of the South Korean church Tami Lee Young Lima.
1993, November 24. Day of "Doomsday" Krivonogov calculated Yu, one of the leaders of the "Great White Brotherhood YUSMALOS" who called himself a prophet of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI Christos.
1994, September 6 — will be the second coming of Christ and the end of the world — the calculations and predictions American preacher Harold Camping. Camping and hundreds of his supporters were expecting Doomsday in California.
1995, May 9 and May 25, and then in 2000, on January 1 and March 17 — Migrate days of the end of the world — according to the teachings of the sect "The movement for the revival of the Ten Commandments of God" Kredonii Mverinda in Uganda. Several hundred members of the sect committed suicide.
1996, December 17. End of the world, the destruction of a mass of earthlings and aliens coming of angels — the prediction of the American clairvoyant Sheldon Needle.
1997, Oct. 26. According to information received from the Russian channeler, the world will end in a collision with the planet guferos.
1998 — according to forecasters from Chelyabinsk, end of the world and the change of poles will come as a result of the collision of Earth with a comet.
1998 — 2001 years. According to calculations by the Chilean astronomer Munena Carlos Ferraro, end of the world will take place as a result of passage through the solar system planets Bernard-1
1998, September-October. End of the World at the burning of the southern hemisphere from the flow-rays as a result of explosion of a star, Alpha Centauri, followed by 12 years of Armageddon and the rebirth of the Earth — according to the Russian movement of spiritual creativity "Living Christianity" by Emile Biktasheva and Tamara Fedorova

1999. End of the world as a result of an asteroid collision with Earth in the Donbas — interpretation of the quatrains of Nostradamus writer Alexander Kazantsev.
1999. Paul Mukhortov and other contactees of Molebkinskogo triangle (Perm region). Argued that the end of the world will be held for all earthlings grown as a result of the experiment civilization Throne planet in the constellation Canis Major and did not fail them.
1999, July 19, 2002, July 7, at 3:00 — the possible end of the world — a Russian writer and astrologer Alex Priyma.
1999, August. According to the prediction of the Taiwanese doctor Ho Ming Chen, will be held end of the world and universal sacrifice in the form of a nuclear war
1999, August. End of the world and the transition of the Earth into a new dimension with the subsequent 4 years the birth of a new humanity — Russian forecaster Michael Shevchenko.
1999, August 6. The possible end of the world with probability 3/7 — Forecast of the Russian writer and astrologer Proskuryakova
1999, August 11, at 9:30 or 11:11, or 15:10 — End of the World, which was to come after the close occurred a solar eclipse. Interpretation of Nostradamus numerous interpreters of his quatrains. ("In the seventh month of 1999, From the sky will be a great king of terror, to resurrect the great king Angolmua, Before and after Mars reigns happily ever after …").
1999, September 23. Beginning of the end of the world as a result of global cataclysms of comet impact in the Atlantic and the subsequent nuclear war launched by Islamic dictator — interpretation of the quatrains of Nostradamus astrologer Steven Polasom.
1999, September. According to the beliefs of members of the sect of Japanese Sekou Asahara (Aum Shinrikyo), end of the world will happen in September this year.
1999, October. End of the world as a result of a supernova explosion — the prediction Russian contactees from Ozersk (Chelyabinsk region).
1999, December 6, at 18:00. According to the teachings of the Church of South Korean Pak Che and Semon, end of the world, followed by the appearance of the Antichrist and the Second Coming of Christ — October 28, 1999.
1999, December 31, the last second. End of the world and Judgment Day — according to calculations Roundtable American biblical scholars, philosophers, Mark Farina, Sarah Boyet, Diana Stant, Donald Myers and John Priest Trailer.
1999 — 2007 years. Thomas Chase predicted the emergence of the Antichrist in 1999-2000. Nuclear war, which Russia will. Armageddon and the beginning of the second nuclear war in 2007.

2000. End of the world for humanity as a result of the Second Moon.
2000, January 1. Gary North — "computer end of the world." A complete collapse of the financial system and the destruction of civilization.
2000, January. End of the world as a result of the previous nuclear war that will begin August 11, 1999.
2000. According to the calculations of the Russian astrologer Vladimir Sobolev, end of the world will begin in early 2000.
2000. Michael Rood. April 5 start bloody wars, epidemics and other disasters. The invasion of Gog and Magog to Israel will happen in late September or October 28, 2000.
2000, May 5. End of the world as a result of the Great Parade of planets. Richard Noone.
2000, May 17. Rebecca Harrison. End of the world, the second coming of Jesus Christ and the great final battle between the forces of good and evil will take place in June 2003.
2000. Ron Reese. June 10 will Deluge.
2000, July. M. Mehta predicted that Phobos, one of the moons of Mars, will be knocked out of its orbit by a passing comet. Phobos will crash to Earth and destroy the human civilization.
2000, the middle of summer. End of the world, according to the calculations of the Russian astrologer S.Kovalevskaya.
2000, Jerry Grenough. September 2 — the end of the Jewish year 5760. Last date for the existence of all mankind.
2000, September 6. Daniel Adam Millar. A peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. September 13, 2000 — the beginning of the seven-year tribulation. The Antichrist will proclaim himself to be God. Begins the battle of Armageddon.
2000, 6-19 September. Phil K. A significant rise in sea levels. Flood.
2000, Sept. 26. End of the world as a result of the collision of Earth with an asteroid (4179) Tautatis.
2000, September 30. Jim Bramlett predicted that it will begin doomsday. In the period from 2004 to 2000 Jesus Christ would return to administer the Last Judgment.
2000, October 1. Byron N. President Clinton declared martial law in September or October. World Government will round up the separatists and the Patriots. In America, will begin a devastating nuclear war.
2000, October. Jim Sirte. The Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The war against the Antichrist.
2000. Elizabeth Joyce predicted nuclear war in October 2000, which will break out as a result of the conflict in the Middle East. She has a long list of other unfulfilled prophecies, including splitting into two parts of our bodies.
2000, November 12. James Van warp. Cataclysms on Earth that will occur during the appearance of a comet.
2000. William Zambrano. The impact of Comet Shoemaker-Levy on Jupiter — the signal for the seven-year tribulation and the coming end of the world.
2000. Ammar Ali Khan. You will see "The Last Prophet" of Muslims and lead all the faithful to the Thirty Years' battle against Satan's army.

2001. Jack Van Impe. Beginning of the Great Tribulation. Political chaos, natural disasters, nuclear war. Throughout the world, the rise of Islam. Last hour of humanity.
2001, August 11. According to the calculations of some American astronomers, the world will end as a result of absorption of the Earth and the solar system into a black hole.
2001, April 14. Mike Keller. Jesus will return to Earth with his apostles. Nuclear war will begin 45 days after the Second Coming. Global catastrophes, shifting of the poles.

2002. End of the world as a result of a global catastrophe predictions of the Russian Old Believer hermit Anastasia and prophecies Indians — priadamatov
2002 — end of the world as a result of the death of the Sun. Predicting Reader
2002. August 11, 2002. 4:00 am. Romanian monk Arseny soothsayer predicted that "the end of the modern world" will occur at the specified time by the devastating earthquake. "South Pole connects with the North, and fall upon the Earth fiery chaos" After three days and three nights horrific disaster will be saved only people clean before God. "

2003, May. Nancy Lieder. The appearance of Nibiru near the Earth. Global earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, pole shift of the Earth.
2003, November 29. Aum Shinrikyo, a religious sect in Japan. The world will be destroyed by nuclear war between October 30 and November 29, 2003.

2005. Everett Vasek. End of the world will begin during the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah — Oct. 4, 2005.
2005. End of the world because of the asteroid, which humanity is to avoid only if received in 2000 information on the organization of anti-civilization Zoe planet Ro from the constellation Cassiopeia — contactee Tatiana Pavlova
According to the prophecies of the Apocalypse sects should come in 1874, 1878, 1881, 1910, 1914, 1915, 1918, 1925, 1932, 1941, 1975, 1994 and 2004. "Society of Jehovah's Witnesses," a Protestant sect, founded in 1872 (Pennsylvania, USA), Charles Russell. Until 1931, called "The International Association of the Bible." Jehovah's Witnesses recognize one god Jehovah and Jesus Christ — the product of Jehovah's Witnesses and the executor of his will. Members of the sect reject basic Christian doctrines (the trinity of God, the immortality of the soul, etc.). According to the views of Jehovah's Witnesses, the earthly world — the kingdom of Satan. During the Battle of Armageddon between Satan and Jehovah will perish all mankind, with the exception of Jehovah's Witnesses themselves. After that is established on earth the kingdom of God.

2006, January 25. James Kingsley predicted "earthquake storm, which begins near Los Angeles, California. It was due to begin shortly after midnight, and then spread throughout the world.
2006, May 25. Eric Julien predicted that the remainder of the comet falls Atlantic Ocean and creates a huge tsunami, almost 200 meters in height. Most suffer Atlantic coast of Central America. He has predicted that there will be tens of millions of deaths. North America and Europe are also affected by the devastating tsunami. Dozens of underwater volcanoes will erupt and increase in ocean temperature to the boiling point.
2006 — end of the world as a result of the collision of Earth with an asteroid Icarus.
2006. Michael Drosnin in his book "The Bible Code II» writes that: "In Cod Bible clearly dangerous. The modern terms "nuclear holocaust" and "World War" are encoded in the Bible. And both are decrypted with the same, 2006. "
2006. Annie Stanton has predicted that the asteroid is 14.4 miles long collide with Earth. Jesus Christ will return and will start his 1000 — saving the kingdom.
2006. James Kingsley predicted: "The end of days. Nuclear air strike in 2006. Two or three MiGs will bomb nuclear facilities in the state of Washington, Oregon and San Francisco. This will be done by secret alliance of China, Iran, and Syria. France takes part in the attack, which will begin at 9 am in the Pacific region, and will lead to massive damage that will affect the entire planet. "
2006, June 6 — end of the world, coupled with a combination of numbers date (6,6,06) the number of the Beast (666).
2006. According to the Sunday Times, in England, a religious group called "Family" forward end of the world in 2006. Members of the sect accumulate food reserves and plans to take refuge in the caves of India. "
2006, August 22. Glenn Beck predicted: "This is the day when Israel would be wiped off the map, leading to a total Armageddon …".
December 17, 2006. Dr. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda predicted that December 17 will be the second coming of Jesus Christ. This will take place in Puerto Rico.
April 29, 2007. On this day, according to the predictions of the American preacher Pat Robertson, was to blow up the Earth.

2008, May. End of the World, in anticipation of which the followers of the sect Pyotr Kuznetsov was shut in a cave in the Penza region.
June 21, 2008. End of the world as a result of the fall in the HZ51 Earth asteroid with a diameter of more than 800 m
2008, September 10 — the official launch of the Large Hadron Collider. Some people are afraid that this day will be collisions in the LHC and can be a black hole that could destroy the planet.

2009 — end of the world on the assumption of some "scientists", which will start after running at full capacity of the Large Hadron Collider. A trial run was held in October 2008, after the failure of technical input at full capacity was twice postponed by six months.
2009. Armageddon was to come according to the interpretation of Nostradamus Centuries by Peter Laurie.
2009. John Datchmen, an astronomer at Mount Wilson Observatory claimed that Orta through a cloud surrounding our solar system, which formed the majority of comets will be a small star. The gravitational force of stars change the orbit of at least one-third of all the comets that rush towards the Earth. Their size will range from 100 meters to 1,000 km.

2010 — 30 March the launch Hadron Collider. According to some "scientific" experiments physicists may lead to the formation of a black hole that could swallow the planet.

May 11, 2011. Earthquake. Taiwan prophet who calls himself "Professor Wang," predicted that Taiwan should be destroyed strongest earthquake. Tsunami will take millions of lives. The island will be completely destroyed, and the land of his plunge into the sea.
October 17, 2011. Comet Elenin approaches the Earth. Numerous articles about the end of the world. Consequences will be catastrophic.
November 5, 2011. Dmitry Dmitriev, the Southern Urals, the community "Belovodie." Baptism of Fire, a quantum shift, end of the world: "This is the Day of Judgment, and judge for yourself will be every single individual." The prophecy is not fulfilled.


Made a conclusion: NO TO NOT BELIEVE and Do not mind other people's fears! Be objective and everything will be fine!


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