The search for extraterrestrial intelligence by listening to radio interstellar conducted since the 1960s, but have not been able to identify any extraterrestrial signal of artificial origin. However, this is not evidence that other civilizations in space does not exist.

The whole point of neutrinos?

Canadian Professor Allen Tou University of Toronto has created a special Internet web-page that invites aliens to come into contact with humanity through his e-mail.

The scientist knows that his project could be seen around him, to say the least, with great skepticism, and therefore results on its website a long list of serious researchers who support the idea.

"In total 80 people who signed, among whom are researchers from the group of SETI. Example, the Australian astrophysicist, Ray Norris, who supported a Canadian professor, argues a" voice "that this way of search extraterrestrial intelligence costs virtually free, so why not use it , even though this whole thing will end in nothing. "

The site Allen Tou have an email address, fax and phone number. There is also a text for aliens with an explanation of why they should get in touch with humanity.

However, according to an astronomer from the Australian National University, Charlie Laynvivera, aliens hardly ever do "call" to the Earth, because even if they do exist, their intelligence, most likely, is radically different from the familiar to us.

Today, none of the animal species that inhabit the Earth, failed to develop the intellect, which is similar to the human. Therefore it is unlikely that members of alien life forms will be thinking the same way as we are, or create similar technology — believes Australian astronomer.

Speaking of our neighbors on the planet, that if human intelligence was useful, we would be able to watch it in the presence of numerous representatives of the biosphere. But nothing like that happens. From which it follows that the human intellect is likely only a specific feature of our species.

Although we are not sure that intelligent life forms may appear on other planets, Laynviver believes that people should continue to search for extraterrestrial life. The only problem the scientist sees in the "language barrier", because signals from extraterrestrials may differ from our usual and maybe we just do not have the ability to perceive them.

"With this assumption agree American physicists who think that the brothers on reason exchange information using electromagnetic waves are not like us, and the sheaves of a type of particle called a neutrino."

Neutrinos have a very small mass and extremely high penetrating power. For them there is a barrier layer of lead even many kilometers.

"According to scientists, it is that neutrinos almost do not notice obstacles should be for extraterrestrial organizations the main argument in favor of this type of communication."

Remains by "call" aliens!

Cartoon for little green men

"Aliens humanity sends radio message a dozen times. First time this has happened in the center of the Evpatoria Deep Space Network in 1962. Then into space took only three words: Peace, Lenin, the Soviet Union. However, this short letter, and subsequent, more informative messages remained unanswered. But since capital is considered interplanetary contacts Evpatoria. "

"The radio telescope, located in Yalta, the most suited for the messages to extraterrestrial civilizations. For its technical characteristics — a large area of the antenna, high power radio signal — can achieve almost any corner of the universe."

The signal is sent to the five locations: in the constellation Cancer, Cassiopeia, Andromeda, the Big Dipper and Orion.

These constellations are chosen by scientists because they have a star like our Sun. It is assumed that find life in such places is more likely. So, the call can be heard by humans.

True, it should be noted that the signal to the nearest star is as many as 32 years. And not need much time to wait for a response. So all this is not for contemporaries and for future generations.

Involved in sending messages to aliens in other countries. Thus, similar services is offered by everyone Deep Space Communications Networks, which produce communications for NASA. With a satellite transmitter to the Kennedy Space Center every earthling can send a message to the "brothers on reason" or as a text notification, or — in the form of a video of its own production, or photos of your favorite animal.

The only restriction: The company cautions that does not send the message offensive, obscene and ignorant.

Mobile phone users who want to say something to the aliens also have the opportunity. TalkToAliens service transmits voice into space through the parabolic antenna (dish) with diameter 3.3 meters, set in the U.S. state of Connecticut.

Service developers argue that powerful radioresiver set on a distant planet, can catch the signals sent. One minute service costs four dollars. The antenna is not directed specifically at an astronomical object, potentially habitable alien.

However, according to Christopher Rose of Rutgers University in New Jersey, a mobile phone signal, even passed through radioresiver can be caught at a distance from the Earth no more than two light-years.

And the nearest star other than the Sun — Proxima Centauri — is located 4.2 light years, which means that the users of the service TalkToAliens little chance of being heard by residents of remote planets.

Meanwhile, one of the Dutch companies made an 8-minute cartoon, which tells what are the people, what they think and how they feel. The film, of course, all designed for the same aliens. Video creators hope that their creation is recorded on the CD-ROM drive, launch into space on board a research probe to space telescope.

It should be noted that the filmmakers have set themselves the difficult task of explaining what is man, one who can perceive the world quite differently, as people. After all, we ourselves sometimes difficult to explain to each other, and then you need to tell about himself, to understand the representative of other worlds.

However, as the aliens look cartoon, still unclear. It is unlikely that they decide to take the probe to be located in low Earth orbit.

Gennady Fedotov

Category: UFOs and aliens

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