Camouflage SURPAT-perspective camouflage Forces

The new digital picture SURPAT (Survival Pattern) with new shades of colors

was developed by our company SURVIVAL CORPS (Case survival), in cooperation c instructors Management A FSB.

The decision to develop it due to dissatisfaction with the various camouflaged patterns that were either too dark or light, and could not satisfy the need to have a universal camouflage and look modern.

We picked up the color with a predominance of gray for the city, green and brown for wood, brown and gray for the steppe and the gray and black for the mountains. Virtually design and shades adjust to any terrain, allowing you to remain invisible to the enemy. Our color and pattern can camouflage a very wide range, compared with other colorings more specialized to a particular locality …

For the Russian Special Forces SURPAT a camouflage future.

Attention, pattern, shades and color combination is protected by patents in Russia, the U.S. and Europe. Copying will be prosecuted.

All materials for SURPAT manufactured in the U.S. on our order and our sreens and meet U.S. standards MIL-SPEC. Use the same class of dyes in the production of materials for the U.S. Army. Material 50% Cotton 50% neylolon. Issue of January 2011 to form NIR — paint matched with different absorption and reflection in the near infrared spectrum (600-860 nm) material tests conducted in American laboratories. The material will be camouflaged in the near infrared.

SURPAT — Russia's AkzoNobel is a registered trademark and belongs to the "survival of the Corps' Russia.

SURPAT — not a copy of some camouflaged pattern and is neither American or belonging to another country, what-ever camouflage. SURPAT developed in Russia, which was confirmed by patents!
Photos shown below are specially made at close range, we do not hide people not to show an imaginary preimuschestvo.U we have a photo from a distance where SURPAT really blends with the terrain. In the picture a little green on the lawn still can not hide. Bright green vegetation in our area is about two months long rest fall, winter, spring, when all the "gray". Shades of colors matched to the forest, the city and the mountains. At a distance of 50 m man turns into a dark pyatno.V PNV (NIR) the material is not lit.

The test form SURPAT and ability to camouflage pattern in vysokogogorya in the Andes and in the Amazon jungle.

Costume in high quality showed good wind protection, the material is very light weight but durable and soft non-irritating skin.

Under the conditions of the jungle does not bite through mosquitoes and midge "ECBM" weakly gets wet and dries quickly after a day's march costume "combat" dried up by the next morning or to "move" a cotton T-shirt only on the third day, it was clear in the jungle including at River can not go naked because of the mosquitoes and gnats everywhere crawl ECBM and that at 90-100% relative humidity and reduce the heat + 30-40C. The material composition of 50% cotton 50% nylon is more suited to heat and cold than 100% cotton, it retains less sweat dries quickly and still quite dense and easy!

In comparative tests was taken costume "Doll" (Mabuchi) of cotton. Identified deficiencies: fast wet, long dry, bad cut trouser pockets in the front thighs will not put anything in the bottom of the pants sewed an extra piece of material resembling pants, pants worn over shoes they can not get wet dirty mud rounds and tear if all the stuff in the Nutri then the two legs get wet sweat and do not dry out. The jacket is a bit short and a button-down that allows you to climb into the gnat and poorly protected from the wind in the high mountains (you can not fill in the pants.) Olive color looks great spot and the human eye quickly distinguishes man on natural background.

Photos taken with a digital camera without flash and not subjected to what changes.…/cd2/surpat% 20tactik2.jpg…5b7/omsn% 20helicopter.jpg…rary/21a/omsn% 20gazel.jpg…ry/c21/OMSN% 20SURPAT2.jpg

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