Canada, Ontario. Again, a zombie in America killed a dog!

Police in Ontario is investigating the strange case of a man who was attacked by a dog on the street in the city center early on Wednesday morning. Male 20 years old, was arrested in accordance with the Law on Mental Health, and taken to hospital.

Tanner Komey, a witness of the incident, was driving home through downtown Pembroke around 12:30 am with a friend when he saw something strange at the intersection of Pembroke Street West and Christie Street:

"We drove by and saw a naked man, he was in the middle of the intersection. This was the guy who fell on the dog and bit her. He literally sucked the blood from the dog. We have great messed up, but still stopped. The guy was not completely naked, and in some batches, "said Tanner.

"We ran up to him, shouting at him. Our first thought was to go and hit him … but then we decided to call the police because he was eating a dog, and there was blood everywhere and the dog yelped. It was just really scary, "he adds.

After that, the guys called 911 and began yelling at the "zombie" trying to scare him, but he did not respond. Their cries of a crowd of passers-by about 15 people, and they too began to cry, and then the dog still broke and the people she was carried to safety.

"Zombie" after the dog escaped, ran after her, but one man managed to close it in my house. It is not known what was, would be next, but then came the wail of police sirens and the "zombies" began to run down the street, but the police caught and arrested him.

Later, the police have not confirmed that the assailant was under the influence of any drugs or bath salts. The results of these analyzes did not reveal any drugs or psychotropic substances in the dog-eater.

It is worth noting that the "zombies" attacked not on the little mutt, and a pit bull, and despite the strength of the dog that nearly killed a her death. The dog was taken to the vet and after suturing her life is out of danger. Currently protection service animals, trying to find a dog owner, but the owner of the set is not yet possible.



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