One of the most amazing places in the valley of Goreme, Turkey is considered to be Cappadocia (Translated as "land of beautiful horses"). Cappadocia — flat, almost treeless plateau, with a few rivers and continental climate, located at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level.

It appeared 62 million years ago as a result of repeated volcanic eruptions local Gyullyudag, Ersiesh and Hasandag. Over the years, this whole area again and again covered with layers of ash, lava and mud, forming strange shapes and combinations. The wind and the water, in turn, grind and polished them, giving a more beautiful and elegant expression of the stone. Later, the eastern part of Asia Minor began acquiring person, skillfully using these natural features to suit your needs. Many of them have been adapted for farm buildings and housing.

Podzemnyemnogoyarusnye were created whole cities and magnificent monasteries and churches dating from the 1st millennium BC, became the property of the modern man. More than 350 churches that have survived since the days were carved directly into the rock.

Caveman era is over, and now Cappadocia — a national park that is mostly visited only for tourism purposes. However, some locals still prefer to live in these caves and move exclusively on donkeys, despite the advances in technology.



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