Car market works in any weather, shoppers mostly Russians

The excitement in the automotive market in Grodno does not cease. Every day the traffic police registered Grodno 600-700 cars. Some people lay flat for the car business and take regular loans.

Nyaglezyachy the heavy rain and wind on the Grodno car market all the seats are occupied. It is difficult to pass and pass, as the movement of cars and people here practically stopped. The market took all the old road on the outskirts of Grodno to Minsk.

I went to the gentleman who rubs headlights of his car and ask — as in this weather is traded?

Mr."The car is very much and buyers are also missing, despite the weather."

Reporter"And bought something? '.

Mr."Buy, that's just in front bought car drove off."

By joining our conversation a few sellers cars, one of which says that an excessive situation lasts for several weeks and still have not changed:

"Well, that's how we here in the morning and looked prabeglisya, the machines as much as it was: no more and no less."

Reporter"And the prices went up, or vice versa, can be decreased?"

Mr."Prices have recently grown by 10%."

But the gentlemen came up and eyeing the car, raise the hood, something questioned. Interested in them, "What kind of car you want to buy?"

Mr."Why, we choose and at prices and on the engine …".

Reporter"And at prices that are more or less in line?"

Mr."Well, seven thousand dollars to something more or less appropriate."

Reporter"And how old is this machine? '.

Mr."Well, it's 10 years old car, and we must give seven — seven and a half thousand."

Choosing a great, but difficult to choose, especially when the rain falls and strong winds.

Talking with a gentleman who fetches cars for sale from Europe, I ask — what he sees the immediate prospects of the business?

Mr."Prices are rising, machines added …".

Reporter"And they bought up?"

Mr."Buy, however, the Belarusians are buying low, basically do the Russians, Kazakhs".

If you continue to be good to go for Russian cars, we have a little traffic on the roads will decrease slightly because Belarusians buy, no money.

Karesapndent"And as you see, the situation will develop?"

Mr."The main thing that was a buyer if it continues to be good to go by car Russia, we have a little traffic on the roads will decrease slightly because the Belarusians are buying, there is no money."

I tell sellers cars that prazydent Lukashenko, tlumachyvshy why people have disappeared from the U.S. exchangers referred to the fact that their pavyvozili people who go to the West for second-hand cars. In response to my interlocutors only pasmeyvayutstsa.

One of my companions, said that today is not the biggest market because of the weather.

Mr."Today there is not yet a lot of cars, I am thinking there will be more. How many more people in the yards are worth — nemeryannom. Laid flat, they sold the house, took out loans and Fit for five or six or seven cars and then driven out to the market. Good cars quickly sold, and some hang … . "


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