Caravel Barents found on the last day of the expedition


October 21 in Arkhangelsk search expedition returned Dmitry Kravchenko on the ship "Aldan". Recall the expedition, which consisted of underwater archaeologists, divers and the hydrophone, a geophysicist and park staff "Russian Arctic", held last month in the National Park "Russian Arctic" in the Gulf of Ice Harbor, Cape navolok of disputes. The aim of the expedition was to — to confirm with the help of special devices to find a few meters from the shore of the natural geomagnetic anomalies and convince the scientific community that this anomaly — no more than a skeleton of a caravel Dutch skipper Willem Barents. Underwater archaeologist, historian, Dmitry Kravchenko looking for the famous Dutch caravel for several decades. In 2012, the expedition provided financial assistance to Russian Geographical Society and the Fund for the northern and Arctic areas "North — ours!".

Dmitry Kravchenko: "The expedition was faced with an insurmountable factor that plays against us — with the elements. Snow drifts, wind up to 30 m / s, surges waves at the shore, the negative temperatures could not give us a fully implement their plan. For example, because of the strong waves difficult to work with a magnetometer and side-scan sonar, which were failing and erroneous readings. Of the 11 planned for the research we could not use the full five days. However, we still lucky: almost the last day of work, we have found at the water's edge 4 fragment frames. And most importantly — they belonged to the underside of the caravel! Now with every shot saw cut, which will study with the help of radiocarbon analysis in the Geological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. "

The fact that the wooden fragments belong to the Dutch ship by Dmitry Kravchenko do not doubt for a second. His arguments in favor of the theory of Dutch descent — the composition of the material found artifacts — obviously a deciduous tree, probably oak. Pomors their kochi and karbase oak built not, it simply was not in the north. By the same method fixing nails and nails themselves, according Kravchenko, also show the Dutch track.

Who finds transferred to Arkhangelsk regional museum. The expedition Kravchenko, the museum handed over two thousand fragments of artifacts (weapons, tools, utensils, cloth, shoes, ceramics), owned by the Dutch expedition of 1596 — 97 years. "Russia is the largest collection of artifacts," — explained to us Dmitri. Historian's dream — to reconstruct caravel. The main conclusion which made the expedition after working in the icy harbor — a ship must be sought not in the place where previously expected.

"We found fragments of frames — these are the first findings of the underside of the ship. They have a negative buoyancy and may be only in the immediate vicinity of the bottom. So, we now know where some are at the bottom of the remains of a caravel. Previously, we relied only on the readings, but now we will look, based on recent observations. "

The following year, the expedition will start before maturity, its purpose would be discovery of the remains of a caravel, the definition of the keel of the ship, working out methods of erosion. To lift or not caravel in the event of its discovery — is still an open question. Director Park "Russian Arctic" Roman proposed that we should not rush into this sensitive issue and so far only to pictures and video to document the presence of a caravel on the bottom. "We do not know how to behave material has lain at the bottom of a few centuries in the making", — explained his position as Roman Ershov. He thanked the members of the expedition for his work in the park and given to the museum finds.

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Author: A spokesman for the project Ajgul Bakiyev

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