Caspian Flotilla celebrates 290th anniversary

November 15 marks the Caspian flotilla 290th anniversary of its creation. She appeared in 1722 under the decree of Peter I. Gradually, her husband gained strength after going up in a glorious way, becoming the decisive factor in the approval of Russia as a naval power in the Caspian Sea.

Today, the Caspian Flotilla gets a new look, improved its combat capabilities. It includes the new missile, artillery, amphibious ships that are equipped with the most modern weapons.
In the near future the Caspian Flotilla radically change and enhance its state of the. On the stocks' Zelenodol plant named after M. Gorky "laid four new small missile ship with the latest universal missile complex" Caliber-NK ". Passes the state tests three small artillery ship "Makhachkala", the lead ship of the project "Astrakhan" in 2012, he joined the flotilla and its tactical and technical characteristics proved itself from the best side.
And in the summer fleet has increased by two more new ships — missile ship "Dagestan" and small artillery ship "Volgodonsk." Their hulls are built using "stealth", which reduce the radar signature of ships.

In addition to increasing naval forces in the composition of the fleet entered the coastal missile system "Ball." Divisions can affect both surface targets and stationary ground targets potential enemy.
Warriors Caspians came to the holiday date with outstanding performance in combat training. During the 2012 academic year naval flotilla compounds performed about 200 combat exercise, which is 20% more than for the year 2011, more than 10 artillery firing, about 40 mine of practical exercises and minefields.
Produced about 10 missile firing cruise missiles from ships and boats of the flotilla. Successfully tested high-precision weapons.
During the exercises "Caucasus-2012" for the first time carried out simultaneous missile launch from four directions with 3 ships of various projects and coastal missile complex "Ball" with the defeat of complex offshore target, simulating the detachment surface ships likely opponent.
Compared with the 2011 academic year, the number of exits in a sea of ship forces for combat training has increased from 85 to 156.
Today, the Caspian Flotilla — is a powerful, battle-worthy association, which guarantee the safety and security of sea borders Russia in the region is far from simple. With the growth of political activity around the Caspian Sea Flotilla is an important stabilizing factor here, is an effective tool of foreign policy in the Caspian Sea.

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