Cat rescued freezing child

January 30, 2013 21:32

Cat rescued freezing child

In the Rostov region mother held 2-year-old son in a barn surrounded by cows and pigs. According to neighbors, a young woman is constantly throwing the baby in the frozen through the room. From certain death Daniel saved a cat that for days warmed boy.
A call to the PDN was from villagers Grabovka where the crib. Arriving at the address, the inspectors were horrified: the baby was sleeping on the bed, curled up in a ball. And next to the child, huddled and hugging him with his paws, lay fluffy cat.

— When the boy woke up, any did not want to let the animal and there he was worth clutching him to her — told employees to PDN Chortkiv district. — When Daniel did manage to see, it was found that, despite the extremely low temperature in the barn, he had frostbitten cheeks and only the retina.

On the body of the baby doctors registered terrible bruises and was diagnosed with conjunctivitis. The audit showed that such a state of the child brought a mother.

25-year-old Elena A. often threw the baby alone for a whole day in an unheated room, as she was leaving her friends in the district center. From food occasionally careless mother left him a crust of bread.

Experts carefully inspected the house, but found no products. Of warm children's clothes in the closet lay a fall jacket, thin hat and boots with a broken zipper.

Social workers carefully examined all the corners of the barn, but did not find any toys. The only consolation was a baby cat. She warmed Danilo its warmth in the cold and played with him like a kitten.

Of all the sounds of the boy to two years just learned to pronounce 's-s. "

In a survey of law husband of Helen Artem Efremov found out that the mother of the child occasionally bathed in an iron trough, from which the cows drank water. Guardianship authorities immediately decided to take the baby.

— The baby did not even cry at the sight of strangers. He eagerly took the loaf out of the hands of social workers and ate every crumb — added in the PDN. — It was clear that the baby does not have enough human warmth.

The boy was taken to the infectious department of the district hospital.

— I left the son of a house when I left the hospital in the district center. After all, I was pregnant with a third child — says Elena A. — Our house is very cold and there is no wood, so the son warmed cat. This was a necessary measure, I do not consider myself a bad mother.


Opinion unfortunate mother does not converge with those of law enforcement. Prosecutors and the PDN seized child because of the threat of his life.

— I Daniel was freezing skin both cheeks of the first degree, bruises on his back, ears, nose, bruising of the right upper eyelid and subkonyuktevit both eyes — said senior assistant prosecutor of Media Relations Oksana Sukharev. — According to the materials the prosecutor's check the criminal case. Now the issue of sending materials to the court to deny parental rights.

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