Cat revived after two euthanasia

October 17, 2011 13:15

Cat "resurrected" after two euthanasiaCat named Andrea out of West Valley City (Utah) survived two attempts slumber. The unusual case was recorded in the animal shelter.

The black cat was found in the street nursery staff. When it was brought to a facility for homeless animals, none of the locals said the cat right, writes Finally it was decided to euthanize her, as is done in all cases of refusal or inability of animals to find them a new home.

Andrea, along with several other his fellows were sent to the gas chamber. Here are just a lull procedure had no effect on the animal. Then a shelter worker took her again. Making sure that Andrea was not breathing, he put her body in a bag and then sent to the cooling chamber.

 Approximately 45 minutes after the cat was placed in a refrigerator, the center staff heard a meow, said Then meow happened again, only louder. "Employees printed package and saw that there Andrea — frightened, with bulging eyes, and yet very much alive," — said the employee social welfare of the animals, which is now temporarily settled Andrea. Now look for the lucky owner.
This is the story, of course, attracted the attention of animal rights. Activists immediately opposed the euthanasia of homeless dogs and cats in gas chambers and called this method cruel. However, the American Association of Veterinarians euthanized in a gas chamber called the standard and approved method of killing animals.


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