Caution — Christianity!


I had and now have to confront supporters of widespread Jewish sect "Nazareth heresy", now known under the name of "Christianity." And not once one of the supporters, followers, or professional ministers of this mysterious cult could not specifically and convincingly answer questions about their religion. One would tell me not to understand, and I may also become a Christian? But do not want to explain anything to me monotheist! Always try to get an answer. Popov's usually attack deafness and urgent matters, ie convinced of his own impotence, they just run away from the issues.

Supporters call "tolerance" in their view of interest to some questions of Christian history and ideology — "intolerance." Adepts, usually spewed curses sigh for the days when the blazing fires of the Inquisition, they seem to prefer more "explanations" with physical violence. Here you have a "Christian humility." The Internet iudohristianstva defenders, with no logical argumyantov against direct question, realizing that divert the discussion from the topic can not, and they have nothing to protest, went to the tactics of labeling, go to personal insults and outright provocation. On top of my inbox has undergone quite a powerful virus attack, though to break my pagan firewall their miserable Christian Trojans failed . Still got me thinking about some of the "peace-loving" and "tolerance" iudohristian.

This work is not intended for followers of Christianity. Adepts of Christianity do not have logical thinking and the ability to analyze information. They do not think they are — believe. Bredyatinu believe in that which they inspired. The most we can do with them is — "perezombirovat" to another "faith" in Communism, for example, or some other nonsense. Important for them to believe. Then, they are miserable.

Most professional Christian clergy seem cynically realizes what nonsense they preach. But preaching this nonsense allows them to power and money, and therefore recognize delusional his teachings are not interested. Debate with a Christian priest of the religion, is like talking about philanthropy with a hungry crocodile, which already loves men … as food.

The work, written for those who do not understand the dangers posed by iudohristianskaya ideology. Those who defend or justify the Christian ideology with the position:

Tolerance towards Christianity, considering it an innocent eccentricity.
"Christianity — the basis of morality," without, allegedly, all will itself bad news.
"Christianity — the basis of patriotism and the backbone of the Russian state", "historical" religion.
"Christianity — the only choice" as a return to ancient beliefs, supposedly impossible.
Well, let's see what's what. Is Christianity "harmless"?

Christianity and Power

One of the major tenets of Christianity — "All power is from God" and "Christ suffered, and told us." That, is what would have had the power, stupid, corrupt, murderous, no matter how bad life was not for her, all one has to endure, not only to rebel, but simply to express dissatisfaction, — sin. Originally, Christianity, as we know, has been popular among Roman slaves, like vodka or drugs, facilitating their moral and psychological situation. Roman slave owners quickly figured out that the spiritual shackles of significant efficacy of physical bondage. And instead of eradicating Christianity, it began imposing a slave.

Iudohristianskaya ideology amazingly convenient for any ruler who puts their personal interests above the nation-state. By Slavic (pagan) tradition prince is — the leader, the father of the people, the people — his family, his family. Retinue of his friends and associates. The main task of the prince of the tribe protection and management of their people in the interests of this nation. That is the prince of the people, not people for the prince. If the Prince did not perform their duties well he could do, as they say now, "impeachment", that is to say — "you're, like, a good guy, but that's no prince, excuse me …" And the crowd ran the prince did not "loyal" and structured social system. Major decisions were made with the consent of the heads of labor and the priesthood (the Magi). Prince to be the most wise and brave, the business is constantly proving its right to rule. It was not enough just to be born, "the crown prince", "strangle predecessor cushion" or win the election with a long tongue and "pasta" (pasta). Perhaps these principles were not always followed. But on the whole tradition of princes forced to think more about the national public interest. According to the Christian canon as "All power is from God", "the king — God's anointed", "resist the power — a sin", "God commanded to endure." That is, the Christian ruler can completely ignore their own people, and the Christian people have no right to condemn the governor no matter who he was and whatever he gets up. In iudohristianskom state exists for the people of the ruler. Very convenient religion for those longing for power.

Background information. During the Tatar-Mongol yoke, Christianity faithfully served the invaders had a label — "writ of protection" from the Khans. Invaders not only robbed the monasteries, but did not tax them tribute. Christian earned their pack the invaders as a street whore, but only on a national level. Dmitri Donskoi before the Battle of Kulikovo was excommunicated and cursed the Moscow Metropolitan Cyprian, and the battle has left a "curse" the prince. When the situation has changed and the horde has weakened, and liberation from the yoke of a reality, iudohristianstvo immediately to the side of the strongest, ie Moscow princes. Rewrote history. Dmitry Donskoy was declared a saint. His troops and banners with images solstice hindsight "outstanding" iudohristianskie banners. And the heroes of the battle — and Peresvet Oslyabya retroactively recorded as a monk. Any Christian baffled why Christian monks made history not under Jewish or Greek names, and under the Slavic, "pagan" names? Them that in baptism a drunken case of "forgot" to name the corresponding Christian klikuha? Maybe them baptized pop sklerotik? Or was it special — unbaptized monks?

Personally, I have this historical episode with rewriting history and assignment Christianity fame of Russian soldiers, many of whom gave their lives for the liberation of Russia, is considered an insult of honor and dignity of the Russian people and, therefore, a personal insult. How else can you relate to the traitors who served the enemy, and after winning attribute the victory itself?

It is thanks to the Tatar-Mongol yoke of Christianity could finally conquer Russia. While Russian, remains true to its traditions and ancient gods, were killed in the fight against the invaders, the corrupt Christianity grew fat under the protection of the enemies.

During the next centuries Christianity became the state religion in the service of suppression of the Russian people in implementing their national consciousness Kholuy-slavery and fucking principles. When in 1917, came to power Marxist atheists persecute Christians to take in order to take their place shepherds of the human herd, most Christian sects recognize the communist government and expressed willingness to serve his persecutors in the difficult task of conquering the Russian people. A stunning example of conformity and with the more recent! However commies decided that they and the right that the KGB and the Gulag more effective tools to strengthen power than the church. But at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, when the situation was serious and the Communist government was hanging "in the balance", there has been some change in the communist ideology. Communists mobilized all reserves, and not only the material and human, but ideological. Communists became even greater use of national-patriotic feelings of the people, to which they have already started to apply at the end of the 30s instead of unbridled internationalism. In 1941, Stalin mobilized for ideological work and the Christian church. Christian priests willingly served the communists. Was virtually collapsed atheist propaganda, closed major atheistic publications. Postwar atheistic propaganda it — only weak similarity prewar "militant atheists." Priests under the communists and atheists live quite well. Priests, even occupying low position in the hierarchy were people very wealthy. Connections Christian Church with the bodies of political investigation — are well known. Says a lot, and the fact that the main Christian pop used a car ZIL from the Kremlin garage. But it was the exclusive privilege of the Central Committee of the CPSU. Ministers and heads of republics went to gulls, their deputies on the Volga. These hierarchical rules to observe very clearly, the feudal-heraldic dedication. Brezhnev's son-in-fact when, as Deputy Minister of the Interior, through his father-in-knocked Seagull, it caused outrage partocracy and scandal. But the patriarch, do not officially a member of any Committee, nor gos.sluzhaschim enjoyed the exclusive privilege of the members of the Politburo — cars ZILom. The people took it as a sign that the Communist government de facto equates it to the members of the Politburo. Here you have atheism.

Power changed again, and now Christian priests without any objections absolve murderers and gangsters take donations from them, build a synagogue in their honor. Former atheist commies, go to the synagogue and the Christian cross in front of the TV cameras pointedly. The TV is full of all sorts of preachers, always some Christian thugs molested on the street to passers bored harassing calls in the door, fill up mailboxes Christian garbage. In such religious aggression, of course, more prosperous various smaller sects, younger and active. Orthodox Christian sect, lazy and fattened, accustomed to a monopoly position, can not resist their activity. But it is not particularly trying, the main hope for the traditional Christian totalitarian methods, orthodox priests require government to hold down its younger and more active competitors. Trying to involve their vnutrihristianskie disassembly for money and power state, orthodox priests did not reckon with the fact that according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation — a secular state!


1.1. Christian ideology promotes the primacy of personal power interests of the rulers of the nation-state and contributes to the resistance of the ruler and the nation.

1.2. Justification for any negative aspects of the rulers, whether weakness, stupidity, greed and cruelty, leads to the degeneration of the ruling elite.

1.3. The abuse of secular power of the Christian religion, which for weak temporal power makes it fully managed by Christian priests. We know many historical precedents where the real power passed to the priests, such as the board of Cardinal Richelieu in France.

Christian humility

The corrupting effect of Christian ideology to "the masses" is still more than the representatives of power classes. Slogans like "God told endure", "resist not evil", "cheek", "give the shirt," samoimenovanie "servant of God" brought up a slavish mentality. Then, instead, that would improve its position control and / or labor, a Christian himself calm — patience and suffering, supposedly offset by posthumous holiday in paradise. Christian ideology is very convenient for the pitiful fellows. Too lazy to work — nothing, wealth — sin. Scared to confront the bully, or just a thug and Nahal grabbers, also do not worry, God will punish the villain's death. Too lazy to think — do not matter, the Christian God does not like smart smartly. After thinking person will quickly realize that the Christian teaching — nonsense. Even if a Christian and is able to think a little, his thoughts are limited set of barriers and taboos, many of the "truth" for the Christian "right — because the faithful." "So the last shall be first and the first — the last" (Matt. 20.16). Thus Christianity cultivates the people psycho slave — unthinking, blunt, ready to believe any nonsense that inspire priests, cowardly, ready to endure humiliation. Such pathetic narodec very comfortable every crooks.

But crooks useful not only obedience and credulity of the human herd. Important moral and psychological support of Christianity, yet even the notorious rogues are in any remnants of conscience. But Christianity is ready to solve any problem with a conscience. Christian made a muck, robbed and killed — no problem, come to the Christian synagogue, shared the spoils with the priest, and may be cool, all sins will be forgiven. But that's what right Christian priests assumed the right to forgive the evil caused to other people? They are helping the victims of criminals, compensate losses?

And the image of any villain ready to improve. What, for example, thieves and bandits in their election leaflets to write, if they ever did a good life did not, one evil? Say, kingpin, rob, kill, plunder the country, the state is falling apart … You can, of course, and on the other to formulate — a businessman, a businessman, was involved in the privatization, promoted the establishment of democracy … But the change of terminology meaning remains the same. And then you can "otmusolit bubble" priests and become a "humble Christian," philanthropist, benefactor … After all, notice how gangsters like Christianity, hefty gold crosses worn in Christian synagogues go, priests money unfasten. By Peter is even Christian synagogue, which the locals call "the Church of St. bandit", it is based on the money the local "authority." In the synagogue "godfather" loved, as they say, go and see to the "business" and to receive a blessing. Sdes as his funeral and after the "Injury" — best shot "killer." If you understand, then Christianity — the same essential part of the criminal community as unscrupulous lawyers, corrupt judges, corrupt Interior Ministry officers, dermokraticheskie politicians. After all, the moral and psychological support is very significant in the hard-razboyneche thieves and dushegubskom craft.

But Christian humility rather peculiar way. Christian will endure when his or the country in which he lives, humiliated and robbed, but is ready to pounce on anyone that has made even a slight disagreement with his "holy" faith. Including on the same Christian, but "from another synagogue." Or to anyone who will point to the priests. Range of Christian "tolerance" is very wide of the stake and the religious warrior to the evil hiss and persecution of the undesirables. On the "tolerance" Christians remember only his own impotence. For them, the "tolerance" — a way to silence an opponent, when there is nothing to object to, and plug it more effectively, such as burning at the stake, is not possible. History is replete with examples of Christian "humility", but the medieval Inquisition burned at the stake of around 18 million unwanted. Such ways of Christian "belief" in Russia were promptly suppressed by Peter the Great.


2.1. Christian ideology turns people into stupid, submissive human herd, devoid of initiative and the ability to fight for their interests.

2.2. Christianity helps the underworld, thus becoming an accomplice of crime.

2.3. Christianity — the aggressive religion, does not shun physical elimination of opponents.

Christianity — the enemy of reason

But except for the introduction of psycho-servant at the genetic level is very dangerous decline informative society under the influence of Christianity, more simply fooling the people, turning it into a dull, submissive flock. The influence of Christianity brings great breed of people driven by a subconscious and emotional level. Iudohristianam not need people who can think, question iudohristianskie absurd dogma. They are more suitable one who can not think, he just too lazy to think of someone who prefers to get a ready-made opinion, who easily believes what he inspire those who are not able to critically evaluate the incoming information. Notice how limited consciousness of Christians think they are just afraid. Pay attention to advertising addressed to the mass market, it is almost no logical motivation, and an indication of the specific advantage of the advertised goods. Advertising in the mass calculated on the subconscious, the emotions, not the logical motivation. The lack of logical analysis of the input information, which makes the basis for decision-making emotional factor allows easy enough to manipulate people. In the commercial sphere, this can get people to give their money for the fact that, in general, they do not need and that the logical approach, they would not buy. In the political sphere, this allows us to replace the pre-election "smoke screen" real work for the benefit of the voters. Policy does not necessarily manifest itself with real actions, enough to have the money and specialists to conduct an election campaign. Now even a new term — "electoral technologies." Similarly, the policy can cover up their dirty work, and crime has become a "charity." A striking example of the hype around the "humanitarian catastrophe" under cover of which the U.S. is committed aggression against Yugoslavia. Well, of course it's The Human gullibility — a great breeding ground for all kinds of crooks from street Roma and sharps to the organizers of pyramid schemes and phony bank.

Credulity and lack of logical motivation of course is very beneficial to many businessmen, politicians and crooks, but breaking off consciousness and logic carried the name of religion. Particularly dangerous for the Russian national and state interests is increasing under the influence of religion on the vulnerability of information and ideological weapons and thus reduce the defense in the information war in which we are now on the verge of defeat.

Thinking people are a threat to iudohristianstva, because they can expose delirious iudohristianskie dogmas and thus destroy created iudohristianstvom false information field. Accordingly iudohristianstvo its best to reduce the information content of a society. At the time, as iudohristiane cheeky in streets harass passersby, trying to drag in their synagogues, serious attempts to expose iudohristiansky delirium is evil hiss about "tolerance." With greater influence iudohristian who disagree are targeted persecution, forcing them to remain silent and to masquerade as believers. This example, all sorts of excommunication, anathema, setting believers at home antagonism and similar measures that can poison life, to make someone who is not pleasing to the priests — iudohristianskom outcast in society. At full power iudohristian those wicked iudohristianskim priests could be prosecuted openly and even destroyed physically, is well-known example — the medieval Inquisition, with its bonfires, prisons and torture chambers. Thus strengthening iudohristianstva represents a very real threat to many people.

Reducing informative society leads to stagnation in science and technology field. Background information. Ancient civilization of ancient Greece, ancient Rome, ancient Egypt achieved a high level of knowledge of the world of technology and social organization. Take, Rome — five to six storey buildings, water supply and sewerage, public sports facilities and baths, roads, mail, developed social structure. Compare that to the typical medieval European city — dirty mud-drenched streets, epidemics, illiterate populations and towering over the city iudohristianskie synagogue. Iudohristianstva reign — a colossal setback in human development.

Take the example of Stalin's regime, who refused the services iudohristianstva. I do not condone nor praise the regime has inflicted a lot of harm to the Russian people and the Russian unleashed rivers of blood. During the Red Terror, which Bolsheviks launched immediately after the seizure of power in 1917 was destroyed by the intellectual elite of the Russian people, the Bolshevik executioners purposefully destroyed "bourgeois" professors. Who escaped the bullets and tried to leave the torture chambers of the Cheka Embrace civil war Russia. By the end of the Civil War, Russia was thrown back almost to the level of the Stone Age. But in 1941 Stalin was able to oppose Hitler's aggression is quite powerful military-industrial complex. In many technological areas of the USSR was at levels close to or equal to the world, and for some (tank equipment, art.sistemy, rocket artillery) and excelled. In response to the emergence of the U.S. nuclear weapons and the deployment of U.S. military bases in the ring, the USSR, in the most difficult conditions created its nuclear weapons and powerful air defense missile system, intercontinental ballistic missiles. The level of military technology we have so far, despite the collapse of the country, not inferior to the West. Russia has gained tremendous intellectual potential, which is now pumped to his home iudohristianskaya country — the United States, is experiencing serious difficulties in the reproduction of his intellectual capacity and forced to rely on pumping drain from Europe, Russia and the countries of the "third world."

A second similar example — the Nazi regime in Germany. I also do not condone nor praise the regime, because it caused a lot of harm to the Russian people, and also shed a lot of Russian blood. Unlike the Bolsheviks, the Nazis were not engaged in purposeful destruction of the intellectual potential of the nation. But a technological breakthrough was just awesome, though many secret development, and have remained a mystery for many there were only scraps of information, but what is known, says a lot. Even the development of rocket technology in III-m Reich. It is already in full swing during the war, the Germans shelled London cruise missiles and V-1 ballistic missile V-2. Were the development of an intercontinental ballistic missile to shoot at America. Have been created and used in combat aircraft missiles and ATGMs. Post-war developments in the field of rocketry in the United States and the Soviet Union was based on the fact, what we have achieved in this area by the Germans in 1945. Germans developed jets, the first to develop and adopt automatic (assault rifle) at the intermediate cartridge, led the development of laser technology, was close to developing nuclear weapons. The high level was achieved in the field of chemistry, electronics and radar. And again — Hitler refused iudohristianstva, it is of little real impact in Germany, the result — scientific research far ahead of global level.

Thus, in the Soviet refusal iudohristianstva coincided with the rise of science and technology at world level from "stone age" occurring in 1917. In Germany, the rejection of iudohristianstva coincided with the advent of technology far exceeding the world level. This is the most striking examples, when there was almost complete rejection of dogma iudohristianskih and, simultaneously, a sharp scientific and technological breakthrough. Smooth weakening iudohristianstva in Europe led to the Renaissance — rebirth, accompanied by the development of science, technology and art. These historical examples show that iudohristianstvo not only slows down the development of mankind, and even the ability to direct its development back.


3.1. Strengthening iudohristianstva leads to stagnation and even regression in development, it leads to the weakening of the acceleration of scientific-technical and cultural development, the rejection of iudohristianstva leads to a powerful scientific leap

3.2. Christianity reduces the intellectual potential of the nation, information society, thus reducing the ethnic position in the global competition.

Iudohristianstvo Russia can never choose

Strengthening the position iudohristianstva in Russia at the same time pumping brain overseas, lack of funding for science, education and the collapse of the "humanization" would lead to Russia's backwardness in scientific and technical terms. It will not allow Russia to occupy the position of science and technology exporter in the modern global division of labor and at the same time weaken the military-technical potential of Russia and, accordingly, its defenses. As the current practice by the example of Yugoslavia — in today's world are not considered weak. Thus, we come to a very disappointing conclusion.

Reduction of scientific and technological capacity will not allow Russia to be a serious science and technology exporter, ie not be able to earn money by selling licenses and knowledge-intensive high-tech products.

Adverse weather conditions will not allow Russia to have a strong position in the competition in the industrial and agricultural exports to the countries of Latin America, Asia and other regions with a favorable climate. And, again, reducing the information content and the weakening of the scientific and technological development will reduce the already low productivity and weaken Russia's position in the field of industry and agriculture.

The role of raw materials exporter and so is not very acceptable to Russia. But given that, first, the main natural resources of Russia are located in underdeveloped regions with adverse climate in Siberia and in the north, in the taiga, wetlands and permafrost, which increases the cost of production, compared with other world commodity exporters. For example, to extract oil in the desert, near the coast, or on the shelf of the Southern Seas, much cheaper in terms of production and in terms of transportation. Second in the development of the commodity and the stagnation of the industry is inevitable collapse of Russia. For producing regions do not want to feed zhiruyuschuyu Moscow and "unemployed" industrial centers of European Russia. Separatist tendencies will be actively supported by transnational companies and, most of all, the U.S. government. Transnational corporations are not interested in the existence of a strong and unified Russian state. With small helpless microstates deal will be much easier. Cheaper to buy a small, no serious force parochial fiefs than greedy Moscow officials. Particularly recalcitrant can "put in place" by force under the pretext of "fighting for democracy and human rights." The Yugoslav experiment was carried out quite successfully. For the U.S., there is also a very real interest in the final collapse of Russia, it will make the U.S. the absolute master of the world, because there will be no force that can openly confront American power. That for the U.S. to become important in terms of its own de-industrialization (transfer of real industrial production to countries with more favorable terms), the impending collapse of America.

Thus the resource path has meaning for Russia (and that is very controversial) only when a strong state in all respects and the existence of a unifying idea. Weakening and disintegration of Christianity people, as mentioned above, can not resist the information and ideological aggression. Modern orthodox church iudohristianskaya can not withstand even a minor sects, not to mention a serious confrontation in the information and ideological war. Consequently, iudohristianskoe state can maintain the integrity of the commodities in case scenario. Scientific, technical and industrial scenario for iudohristianskogo state essentially closed for legal reasons iudohristianstva with high information society. Intelligence, creativity and hard work — the only thing that we can oppose favorable natural conditions and cheap labor in regions such as South-East Asia!

We can argue about the prospects for Russia above mentioned development options. But even if we assume that they are suitable, ie Russia's ability to survive in integrating into the global economy, despite the adverse climatic conditions, iudohristianskaya ideology complicate this already difficult survival, and probably will be the "straw that breaks down the hump of a camel."

There is a fourth way of development — standalone. That is, Russia is fenced off from the world market and creates the closed economic system. This is necessary due to the fact that due to the adverse climatic conditions of production in Russia is more expensive than even in Europe, not to mention the South-East Asia and Latin America. Hence the openness to the world market our manufacturers will be ruined, that in general, it turns out. If anyone is interested in a more detailed description of the problem, I recommend the book A.Parsheva "Why Russia is not America?" We in this paper consider the religious factor. It would seem that in the case of autonomous development iudohristianstvo sort and will not interfere with, like how to be quiet so grace — even believe in Yeshua of Nazareth, even in purple spotted Satan … But in the case of autonomous development of Russia will be strong enough in the industry, and accordingly, and militarily, for power, and with the completely independent of the "world community." That is, Russia will be terrible and currency exchange crises, economic sanctions, etc. At the same time the rest of the world, real industrial production moves from the U.S. and Europe to countries with more favorable conditions. Is a division of the "bourgeois world" and "world proletariat", ie production margins will not receive those countries where the production, and the so-called developed countries. This provision will clearly not satisfy the newly industrialized countries, and, the global economic system will become unstable and threatening the old "masters of the world", especially the U.S., a complete collapse in the event of a major global economic and financial crisis, which could take an avalanche. Caused such a crisis financial and economic collapse, social programs will collapse, that is, handouts plebs and, therefore, the domestic political complications up to the most extreme. Thus for the western world, led by the United States is vital to maintaining our international order. This is only possible with the full financial and military hegemony. Presence in the world of some powerful forces, fully independent of the global financial and economic system and has adequate arguments for wanting to speak from a position of strength, is a frightening and potentially dangerous for the "international community." Even if this force will sit peacefully within its borders, and the rest of the world it would be "a damn." Indeed, the balance is very fragile, and the financial and economic position of the United States as the basis of modern world order, are very vulnerable. Such power can disrupt the plans of "powers that be" just for the sake of what would "make a lot of money." Well, like a kind of "banana republic" or "oil sheik" decided to go against the economic interests of the United States if it is to forgive them, then others will want to stay and the U.S. risks "in the beans." Therefore can only declare this state "undemocratic" and "put in place". You can do it with economic sanctions or air strikes. U.S. president says "must", "world community" to answer "Yes!", Well and "who is not everything", that "the enemy of freedom and democracy" and, accordingly, will be punished. And now Russia, which is deeply spit on the views of "the world community" and personally American president, the economic sanctions for her type of mosquito bites — so slightly uncomfortable, the economy is autonomous. Air and missile attack against Russia is not relevant, powerful air defense system in the first place, and secondly the threat of nuclear retaliation. Disgraced State can trade with Russia, despite an international embargo, if it is profitable for Russia. In the event of a threat or invasion avioudarov "multinational" forces, the disgraced state will spare no money to buy a Russian air defense systems (S-300, "Buk M1", "Tunguska", "Shell"), fighters (Su-27, Su -30, Su-35, Su-37, MiG-29, MiG-31), firearms ("Kalashnikovs", "Abakan" SVD "Vintorez"), antitank (ATGM launchers) and other "surprises" for the "fighters for freedom and democracy." Again, for the sake of trivial gains, and not for some ideas. This can complicate the military action and make it difficult and dangerous task. And if the United States is particularly strong povozbuhat decide, then Russia will be a great opportunity to blackmail America. Easy kick, ie destabilization of the world economy, such as a sharp throwing the global financial market a large batch of dollars, and the U.S. financial and economic system to collapse as a house of cards with the further prospect of social unrest that could do with an unfavorable scenario, destroy America.

Accordingly, every effort will be to ensure that would not allow Russia to go through autonomous development, and, if possible, destroy it. While Russia has nuclear missiles, NATO decide to open aggression. Though if possible, ie sufficient weakening of Russia, or what remains of it, not disdain as the threat of invasion, and by the invasion, if it deems such appropriate. But while there are nuclear missiles and air defense system, the destruction of Russia was pursuing an ideological means, and it is in the field of information and ideological action iudohristianstva most destructive.

Conclusion: iudohristianstvo leaves the choice of the Russian people, it leads to the death of our ethnicity, and our country to the final collapse. Tolerance of iudohristianstvu for Russian — a luxury. I am not calling for a complete physical extermination iudohristian, but I consider it necessary that public awareness of the dangers posed by iudohristianstva and appropriate protective measures.

Zhiznennoneobhodimye org. findings

1. Fencing the younger generation from iudohristianskogo "zombie", because children still learn about the world, they have not yet had the outlook, independent thinking. Children and teenagers are very susceptible to iudohristianskomu zombies. Being a zombie in the childhood they have grown incapable of independent thought. Children are unable to understand the nature of religious rites performed and, therefore, the participation of children in religious practices have the right to freedom of conscience.

1. Need a full, rigorous and strict ban on the involvement of persons under 21 years in religious activities and religious propaganda against them, as they violate the freedom of conscience. Involving children in iudohristianskoe obscurantism should equate to child molestation.

2. Russia on the constitution — a secular state, therefore, should be limited to religious propaganda against public officials and civil servants involved in religious activities. Priests and zealous followers not to participate in government and political activities according to their own tenets of non-interference in the affairs of the world — "God of gods, Caesar — Caesar."

3. Russian people must know their true history, because we have much to be proud of. It is time to remember that not pathetic and backward savages nailing boards on the gates iudohristianskoy Byzantium, and the proud and warlike Rusichi. For the Russian people insulting lie that iudohristiane substitute our history.

4. The need to prevent all kinds of religious sects and similar organizations, especially foreign ones, trying to control people's minds. Particular attention should be paid to extremist Islam, like the Wahhabis, and foreign companies are trying to establish control over the elite of society and system of government. Struggle with such organizations should law enforcement agencies and special services of all means to prosecute violent suppression of the most dangerous structures and the physical elimination of their leaders. Leniency in this regard may lead to a lot of blood, such as ethnic conflict or bursts of terrorism. Strengthening the position of foreign religious organizations — a threat to Russian national security.

5. And of course have to teach people to think for themselves. Accustomed to conscious observance of moral norms, not simply following the dogmas and taboos. You must replace the negative traits of the national image (drunkenness, submission, carelessness) positive (courage, hard work, intelligence). National ideal should not be a dirty beggar asking for alms "for the sake of Christ," and the Russian worker, a farmer with a sword on his belt.

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