CBI has signed contracts for the supply of military weapons UAE

Contracts for the purchase of ammunition for $ 130 million with the Tula KBP concluded by the end of the second day of the show of arms "IDEX-2013 The cheapest Morning. The agreement provides for the supply of Emirati army managed four thousand shots "Arkan", 100 mm caliber for infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3.

The contract is for 3 years, and in the first year of the UAE army will supply one thousand rounds, and the remaining three thousand shots will be delivered during the remaining two years.

Now PCU implements a long-term contract with the UAE to supply 10,000 Managed shots "Arkan" for BMP-3 with the rate of supply of 650 rounds per year for the park BMP-3 UAE army, numbering about a thousand units.

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Part of the fired rocket-3 9M117M1 "Arkan" in any course corners firing reliably affects M1A1 tanks of the type, "Merkava-3?" Leopard 2?, T-84 and affects more protected tanks such as "Leclerc" and M1A2 at course firing angles of more than 30 degrees.

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