Ceramic Printers

Novosibirsk "daughter" RUSNANO — the company "San" is getting ready to start production of ceramic printing technology. A year keramoprintery occupy half the volume of its sales.

"San" developed an alternative technology to decorate ceramic tiles — full-color UV inkjet printing on ceramics followed by firing, told "Vedomosti" the press service of the company.

"Ceramic" ink are based on inorganic pigments, they can withstand high temperatures. This allows the final calcination in a kiln at a temperature of 650 degrees. Ink fixed on the surface of the material and sintered to its structure, told the press-service of the company.

RUSNANO owns a blocking stake "Sana" from 2010, another 20% have "Uralsiba." Portfolio investors have invested in the project about 1 billion rubles. In 2012, they were removed from the operational management of the controlling shareholder Vladislav Mirchev and initiated the process of financial recovery.


Printers UV-LED Evolution, which today releases "Sun", able to print images on ceramics difference — in image stability. The warranty period of the figure, the applied UV-LED Evolution, — 3-5 years, the life of the image caused keramoprinterom — more than 25 years. "In fact, that image becomes a part of the product. It can rub, scrape, keep in water — picture remains bright and will not be damaged, "- said the press service of the responses" Sana ". Ceramic technology will be applied to the design floor coverings and tiles to use in exterior building.

Until the end of the year the company expects net sales of keramoprinterov of more than 50 million rubles., And a year to enter the sale, selling similar UV-LED Evolution. In 2011 and 2012. revenue "Sun" was about 250 million rubles. With the participation of RUSNANO company plans to reach annual sales of 1 billion rubles., Term business plan of the company is not named.

The global production of ceramic tiles — 8.3-8.5 billion m2 a year, its total cost — $ 70 billion production volume of the Russian market — 146 million m2, market is growing at 6-7% a year, says analyst "Investkafe" Daria Pichugin.

According to senior analyst of the analytical department of "Alpari" Daria Zhelannovoy, technology is unlikely to be interested in the global market.

"For its introduction companies will have to change the process, it is unlikely to do with the steady demand, with customers paying more attention not on the pictures, but on the quality of the tile," — says Daria Zhelannova.

Pichugin is confident that the Russian market annually "Sun" will be able to sell keramoprinterov 2000-3000 and 10 000-15 000 — in the world. Zhelannova estimates their sales in the $ 5-15 million, depending on how things go. Given that the company is owned by RUSNANO, she can not afford much hurry, knows the analyst.

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