Channel RT won his first billion on YouTube

RT confirmed the status of the largest provider of news content on the video sharing internationally, becoming the world's first news television channel, which crossed the mark of 1 billion views on YouTube.


"This is a terrific achievement, — the vice-president of Google's content Robert Kinsley — we are very proud and very happy that RT came to such a figure. Billion page views — this is an important milestone to which many aspire. Establish rapport with the audience and motivate viewers so that they come back to you again and again, and as a result gain a rating — it is an outstanding achievement. "

"The success of RT channel on YouTube clearly shows that users appreciate the legal, high-quality, professional and takes into account the features of the Internet audience content," — said General Director of Google in Russia Yulia Solovyov.

"A billion hits — that's a stunning result. On the first day of the RT, we knew that in the near future, the battle for audiences will be conducted on the Internet, at new sites. That is why we are proud to be the first in the world. This is an amazing achievement for the Russian news channel — to become a major provider of news, where news looks younger audience, that audience, which will form the agenda of the world tomorrow, "- said the chief editor Margarita Simonyan, RT.

Earlier, in an interview YouTube vice president of marketing Daniel prophesied Tedt television success: "The biggest" news "YouTube partner in the world — the Russian TV channel Russia Today, — she said. — Few of our partners boasts a billion views of his videos, and RT is the first news channel to score this billion. He was one of the first to come on YouTube, back in 2007, and began to create video for "Generation C» — one that people will gladly look and spread. "

Video RT was considered most viewed news video on YouTube back in 2011. A year later, the American Research Center The Pew Research Center found RT main supplier of news content on YouTube.

In the bank channel — 22 of 260 "top" video. According to this indicator RT outscored their closest rivals — Fox News TV and BBC — more than twice. Profit from the RT channel partner program YouTube has already exceeded $ 1.8 million

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