Chelyabinsk meteorite new versions: UFO or defense?

February 18, 2013 20:09

Chelyabinsk meteorite: new versions for every taste. Here and UFOs, crept up to the back of the meteorite, and the gallant defense, and the tail of a comet, hlestnuvshy Earth …

Chelyabinsk meteorite exploded at an altitude of 20 kilometers over the Urals in the morning on February 15, continues to haunt the inquisitive minds of not only scientists, but the Russians are very far from astronomical studies.
In addition, according to the latest data, meteors were seen not only in Russia but also in other countries — in the UK, the UAE, the U.S. and Cuba. According to scientists, these effects could be due to the fact that on February 15 at the Earth was unusually rich astronomical day — our planet swept through a comet's tail, which bombard us with "heavenly stone" and then past us at a speed of bullets flying asteroid 2012DA14.
However, in addition to numerous scientific explanation of this rare phenomenon appeared and another curious version. According to some bloggers, Chelyabinsk meteorite has not reached the Earth, as it crept up behind the UFO shot down.
In support of this bright idea on the Internet, even spread roller, which can be seen as a glowing ball supposedly flies behind an object, then the car breaks down in the air into pieces, and the UFO continues to fly on, as if nothing had happened.
Also, some Internet users, whether in jest or earnest say nothing, they say, scolded defense — that she was hit by a meteorite in Chelyabinsk in the air, giving him crap on earth greater misery.
Meree patriotic comrades believe exactly the opposite — they say, is the military itself nakosyachili, testing a new weapon that blew up and out of season.
Chelyabinsk meteorite exploded in the dense layers of the atmosphere in the morning on February 15. The explosion was at an altitude of about 20 kilometers, equal to the power of 30 Hiroshima. This is the second in power after the Tunguska meteorite explosion.
As a result of the blast swept the region flew more than 100 thousand square meters of glass, was damaged hundreds of buildings, almost fifteen hundred people were injured, mostly flown apart by broken glass.

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