Children can help solve the mystery of UFOs

According to ufologists, it is the children are able to come in contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, with their behavior is not quite adequate, that the suspicion on the part of adults.

However, by the children's story about aliens, ghosts, etc. should be taken more seriously, because it is possible that children just can the mystery of UFOs.

Kids and aliens

French ufologist Aimé Michel once called a meeting with the crews of the UFO "Festival of the Absurd": creatures coming out of the UFO behavior is not so, as, in our view, should have behaved members of the research expedition to another planet while trying to make contact with the "natives." But the meeting with the aliens children can be called absurd in the square: the behavior and children, and the aliens in these situations are so unpredictable, a common scenario for contact turns into something between a madhouse and the circus. However, ufologists, who studied the alien contact with earth friendly, constantly finding confirmation that this is not a fiction, not a hoax, it really happened …

Live sugar and fireball

20 hours 30 minutes. Rain. Raymond was playing in the barn with the younger children — two sisters and a brother. Suddenly, the street dog barked. Raymond came out of the barn and almost collided with a creature that was more like a huge lump of sugar, split bottom. The boy was not frightened, grabbed some stones and threw them into the "sugar." Stones rebounded with a bang, as if from a can. Then he quickly returned to the barn, where we picked up a toy gun, and shot an arrow into the creature with a rubber tip, but without effect. Then he went to the "sugar" to touch it, but then (ice invisible force) knocked the boy to the ground. Raymond realized that the matter is no joke, jumped and fell back to the barn. Seeing the anxious brother, one of the sisters ran into the street and she saw something, care waddling gait.

Meeting with ghosts

September 27, 1954 in the family of Roma living in Premanone (France), the parents noticed the strange behavior of the children who went to bed at night silent and perplexed. In the morning they still were very quiet. School teacher noticed that they always whispered, and went to the oldest 12-year-old Raymond Roman.
— Well, I'll tell you — he said, and after a hitch ended:
— Last night we saw a couple of ghosts!
The teacher questioned the three other children, and each of them also spoke about ghosts. Convinced of their sincerity, the teacher reported the incident to the police. Investigators arrived at Premanon September 29, to reconstruct the accident.

For a time, all four were in confusion and bewilderment, and then ran to the farm. Then the younger brother yelled, "Look!" — And pointed at a large glowing red ball, swaying 150 feet away on the lawn. Looking for a moment at this miracle, the children ran to the house. Guys, not saying a word, said nothing about what had happened and just went to sleep. None of them did not even think about flying saucers, they decided that met with ghosts.

Children can help solve the mystery of UFOs

The most beautiful thing in the world

Less than a year later strange aliens showed up in Casablanca (suburb of Riverside, CA, USA). August 22, 1955 Kermit Douglas and seven other children from 4 to 15 years old playing in the garden of the family Douglas. At two o'clock Kermit fought on the lawn with a boy and I could see in the sky half a ball of light. Soon the strange object had disappeared, and in its place came a translucent disc protrusions, then another and another. The other children also noticed the objects: they come and go with a sound like the sound of bursting strings. When the boys went to the house of the parents, the objects disappear and reappear after leaving adults.

At first it was funny, but soon the children were frightened: UFO with an antenna at the end of which was a bright light, landed in a field near his home. From it emerged that growth is 1.2 meters, with a large red mouth, huge glowing eyes and four small shiny "rivets" on the site of the nose. His body skin-tight shiny suit. He had four legs, and pulling back from the elbow duplicate hands. A seven year old boy, looking at a UFO, said it was the most beautiful thing in the world, which he saw, and went there fascinated, but the two older friend to keep him. The alien told the boys to climb a tree.

At that moment, the guys realized that next to the house next door there is someone. Looking closely, they realized that there, in the air, hanging legless translucent creature the size of a four year old child with the same "rivets" instead of a nose, like the one they had just seen. On the side, he had something like a mirror, blinding children. Another one of the boys later said that he saw a silver close hand hanging in the air. This hand beckoned him away.

Four-legged creature from the UFO approached the two men from the boys and spoke to them. It is ordered to close the children to climb a tree, saying that after 15 minutes the ship will arrive and take them for a drive. When they listen, began to climb the tree, the other boys shouted and pulled them down. A few minutes later a UFO flew over the tree and disappeared. One of the boys to consider UFO still climbed a tree and from there moved to the roof. When he went down, then slipped and fell from the roof upside down. Children thought that he fell to his death, but the boy got up as if nothing had happened. When shortstop ran to him, he did not believe that was falling from the roof, and did not remember about any UFOs, believed that the guys just conspired to laugh at him.

UFOlogists Jim Rowland and Mary Starbuck concluded that children are telling the truth, "because they were so scared. It must be be some time before their memories effaced experienced. "

Circle on the wet grass

Such behavior of the children surprised journalists. Children were taken to a place on the lawn, where they noticed a red ball. Almost all the time since rain fell, but police still found on the wet grass strange circle of diameter of about 3.5 meters. The grass was trampled it counter-clockwise, the flowers looked pressed, the edge clearly defined. Inside the circle were examined four dents, located as it were in a square. According to experts, is stuck in the ground four feet triangular towards the ground at an angle of 45 degrees.

Developments in Belo Horizonte

No less strange contact took place in Belo Horizonte (Brazil). August 28, 1963.

After dinner, at about 19.30, two brothers — Fernando and Ronaldo Gualberto, twelve and seven years, and a 12-year-old Jose Gomez Marcos Vidal, the son of a neighbor, went into the garden to the tank, which stood near the spring to wash the dishes. The garden was brightly lit, but it did not surprise the guys — the moon shone. When José Marcos leaned to the tank to draw water, Ronaldo, Fernando m noticed a bright light does not come from the moon, and the big ball hung over the pear tree in front of their house. The ball was like a lined, and on top of it sticking out like antennas rods. Through the transparent walls of the barn boys could see four of its inhabitants, dressed in something like diving suits and helmets, as astronauts. One of the creatures was apparently a female, according to a long, pulled back blond hair. Others were bald.

Suddenly, one of the aliens planned to land between two parallel shafts of yellow light, gushing from the bottom of the ball. Through its transparent helmet boys saw that he only has one large round dark eyes. Above this was the blink of an eye bulge, reminiscent of an eyebrow. Alien face was reddish. His height was about three meters.

Measured step gigantic creature came to Jose Marcos, who is leaning over the tank, and held out his hand. Sensing the danger, rushed to Jose Fernando and knocked to the ground. The giant looked at the boys and spoke to them in a strange language. When the creature crouched near the spring, Fernando ran behind him, lifted a piece of brick and swung. Here creature jumped out of the middle of his chest left beam of yellow light, which struck in the arm, Fernando, and he dropped a brick.

Then the stranger spoke again with a loud voice, trying to explain something. He pointed to the guys to the moon, described the arms circles, but since no one understood. He finally gave up trying to make contact, went to the ball and threw up his hands. Again fell to the ground parallel rays of light. The alien flew up, turned on the ball and took his place. Lighted ball, got up slowly and disappeared. The boys ran home and told his mother, who did not notice anything other than the striker in the box yarkokogo light. Señor Alcides Gualrto later found near the small triangular marks — 15 centimeters long in the place where, according to the children, was an alien.

Children can help solve the mystery of UFOs

Little blue man

January 28, 1967 at 13.45 in a secluded English village Stadhem Common, sky suddenly lit up with a flash of lightning. At this time, seven of the boys went to school through the valley. Ten-year Alex Butler in the open on the other side of the valley clearly saw the figure of the "little blue man with a beard and a high hat."

Alex called out to his comrades — Tony Banks, Carrie Gehilla, Andrew Hoare, David Inglis, Colin Lonsdale and John Mikleburga. The boy ran toward the figure. When they reached 20 meters, she "disappeared in a puff of smoke." The boys were surprised, but since there is nothing in this strange figure not made them fear or assumption of the possible danger, went to look for the "little blue man." Seeing him on the other side of the valley, they again moved toward him. Being lost again, and appeared again in another place. At this point, the guys heard some voices coming from the bushes. It seemed that someone spoke a foreign language. Finally, before the bell for class, they saw man in the fourth. Growth did not exceed the meter, the hat was a height of about 60 centimeters, maybe it was the helmet. Skin and clothes man was not pure blue, but rather a gray-blue, because of body shape and details blur. The guys managed to discern the line that was either a bang, or bottom edge of the hat, two round eyes, a small flat triangle instead of a nose, and single cut suit, covered a wide belt, and on it, a square box. Hands seemed short, and all the time man had them stretched along the body. Legs guys consider failed. Subsequently, many ufologists are not adhering to the hypothesis of extraterrestrial origin of UFOs, wrote that it was a typical dwarf with a beard. However, the fact that the guys took the beard was divided at the mouth, and the terms on both sides of the chest. On the question, could this be some kind of tube for breathing apparatus, the guys said they did not see the "beard" as it should, but at the moment it is not a thought came.

How to find a clue to the phenomenon

Despite the fact that most children's stories about ghosts or aliens are considered nothing more than a fiction, created under the influence of a science fiction movie, remember: children — very good observers, it is important to ask the time of small witnesses, while watching fresh in the memory. So maybe humanity is close to solving the UFO phenomenon?

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