China: astronomy existed five thousand years ago




Stone knife with images of the Great Bear and Altair is found in north-western China. According to archaeologists, this discovery will make adjustments in the history of astronomical observation in China.

Length of stone knife with two serrated blades found in Qinghai Province, is 6 cm, width — 3 cm. In the 2 holes drilled knife. On one side you can distinguish images of the Great Bear and the Altair. After the scientific expertise of the scientists came to the conclusion that the stone knife was made five thousand years ago — in the late Neolithic period. Finding suggests that the history of astronomical observation in China, possibly by one thousand years older than previously thought.

According to experts, the stone was a sacrificial knife belonging astrologer or magician. He will play an important role in the study of the origin of religion in ancient China. In addition to this discovery, archaeologists also found pottery, stone and bone artifacts.

Battery News, 14.03.2005 12:42

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