China is beginning to purchase fire-fighting helicopters Ka-32A11VS

Russian Helicopters holding "Russian Helicopters, "Part of United Industrial Corporation" Oboronprom "and the General Directorate of Public Security of the city of Ordos (China, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region) signed an agreement for the supply of civil all-weather multi-purpose helicopter coaxial arrangement of screws Ka-32A11VS the fire protection design. The helicopter is equipped with a sprinkler system «Simplex», horizontal water gun and water drainer VSU-5.


Winning the tender for the purchase of fire-fighting helicopter holding company "Helicopters of Russia" won in August 2011. Delivery of the helicopter to the Chief of the Public Security Ordos City is planned for September 2012.

The complex of high performance, embedded in the design of the Ka-32A11BC makes effective use of the model helicopter for fire fighting, which confirms the experience of operating units within the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, as well as the emergency services in Spain, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Greece and South Korea.

Ka-32A11VS with ease and precision control, achieved through the use of coaxial-rotor arrangement. The absence of a tail rotor and a reduction in the length of the tail boom to the size of the rotors easier to maneuver near obstacles and achieves exceptional accuracy hovering even when working in the fire zone and in an unstable atmosphere. High power-allows you to carry up to 5 tons of water.

The helicopter can carry long-term work in heavy smoke and dust. Ka-32A11VS can put out fires on oil tankers and tanks, fuel companies, chemical and petrochemical industry, in the areas of oil and gas on the upper floors and roofs of tall buildings. The helicopter can also be used to create protective zones in forest fires.

The scope of the fire equipment Ka-32A11VS includes a long list of additional specialized equipment: a water cannon for horizontal fire, suspended water tanks (fire system «Bambi Bucket», «Simplex»), spillway systems such as VSU-5.

Russian helicopter Ka-32A11VS certified in China, received a certificate of airworthiness in the major regions of the world — in America, Asia and Europe. Today, helicopters Ka-32 of various modifications are successfully operated in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China and other countries. In South Korea the fleet of Ka-32s exceeds 60 — they are successfully used in the "Forest Air" for fire fighting, as well as in the Coast Guard.

China currently operates one Ka-32A11VS that performs the task of the Chinese Institute of Polar Research.

Ka-32A11VS — coaxial multi-purpose helicopter, developed by Kamov design bureau, which is part of the holding "Helicopters of Russia". Ka-32A11VS designed for the transport of people and goods in the transport cabin, and large external load, construction and installation operations, skidding, perform search-and-rescue and rescue, evacuation of the sick and injured, patrols and intelligence operations support, training of pilots and for other purposes. The helicopter successfully operated in dense urban areas, remote mountain and wooded areas. Is able to land on the deck of small courts, playgrounds rigs, as well as on the unprepared, difficult point. Operated by a single pilot and cabin can be equipped with an additional functional equipment. Serial production of the Ka-32A11VS established by JSC "Kumertau aircraft manufacturing company." To date, built more than 140 machines that are used in more than 30 countries.

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