China is concerned about the appearance of the double-barreled dragon

Chinese military Internet portal on your slide section has published some screenshots taken during a visit to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Russia's defense enterprises of the Perm "MZ". According to Russian media, television footage of the Permian were models of promising developments. Portal reports that Russia is developing several next generation platforms to equip the Army. A special "concern" is the development of double-barreled ACS. Russian TV footage showed that ACS can be put into service as soon as possible, says Chinese portal. Developed a promising heavy tracked platform "Armata", which is created on the basis of light "assault tank" with a 120 mm gun and a main battle tank (MBT) with a 152 mm gun with a remotely controlled weapon stations on both sides of the tower. PS Model MBT-based platform "Armata" is equipped with remotely controlled weapon stations with auxiliary arms / On the right side of the tower is probably set six-barrel machine gun with a rotating unit barrels of 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm (you can also assume that it is 30 mm gun 2A72-farm), on the other — the automatic grenade launcher 30 mm. Developed aft recess tower speaks of the scheme boeukladki c knock-out panels, as the U.S. M1 Abrams, but in the tradition of the tank should be equipped with an autoloader. At the front of the hull can be seen two hatches for crew members, from which it can be concluded that the tower can be only one member of the crew (gunner and commander). But it is also possible arrangement, when the tower is completely uninhabited, as indicated by the number of triplets (six, there are two for each member of the crew of three people). This scheme reduces the interior volume of the tower while reinforcing the armor protection. The gun of the tank actually looks like a 152 mm caliber artillery systems, but equipped with a powerful thermo-insulated housing to increase the survivability of the trunk. Regarding the development of double-barreled SPG 2S36 "Coalition-SV", then it continues to persist uncertainty. Some sources report that the program does not appear in the list of promising developments of the Ministry of Defence, others believe that the "Coalition-SV" is included in the plan of the state armament program until 2020 (Report of the system designer CRI "Thunderbird" from 2011). Likely to be created for the export version of ACS from 155 mm twin gun mount. The idea of creating such an ACS is the desire to increase the firepower of artillery fire, when one goal almost simultaneously affected by two shells, according to Wikipedia. That is, the developers attempted to refute the soldiers saying "bomb twice in a funnel is not falling."

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