China, through its press voiced its position on Syria

Countries opposed to military intervention in Syria should unite and prevent military aggression of the West. If the intervention does take place, should openly support the resistance of Damascus. It is reported by the Chinese edition in English The Global Times.

The authors believe that China "must clearly express its position on the situation in Syria." They also stress that the Syrian crisis "can strengthen trust China with some other countries."

Similar position is held by the newspaper China Daily. In one of its publications said that "without a sound legal framework, military intervention in Syria would be a gross violation of international law." The publication notes that accusing the Syrian government of using chemical weapons before the UN investigation, "the U.S. and its allies act as executioners."


The authors of the article reminds the international community "should not allow itself to drive the nose of U.S. intelligence", which are responsible for spreading false information about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Today we should not repeat the events of ten years ago, when carried out a military intervention without UN sanctions, says China Daily.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said earlier that "the Syrian issue can only be resolved by political means." The head of China's diplomacy stressed that "military intervention from outside is fundamentally opposed
the basic principles of the UN Charter and the basic norms

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