China to build aircraft carrier based on «OWN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS»

China to build aircraft carrier based on
China is ready to build the first public carrier, said CEO shipbuilding group Jiangnan Shipyard Group, reports

According to him, this aircraft carrier will be much stronger than the Japanese helicopter (possibly meant prodemonstrirvoanny August 7 this year DDH-183 helicopter project Idzumo 22DDH length 248 m and a displacement of 27,000 tons — approx. «VP»), its price will be 3 billion U.S. dollars, and with all the equipment, air group and escort ships cost carrier strike group will reach $ 16 billion

Construction will take place at the shipyard (peninsula Changxing, Shanghai), which was founded by in 1865. This shipyard is one of the first big industrial companies of China, which carried a rifle, hydraulic presses with capacity of 10 tons, and other products. Not long ago, Google Earth (August 1) published a satellite photo of the object that you think is a new aircraft carrier body. Found «large module» width 51 meters, possibly a component of the project upgraded the existing 001A aircraft carrier «Liaoning» (former «Varyag») with a displacement of 55 thousand tons Apparently, the ship propulsion system will be common on the board may be based 40 — 45 fighter J-15 (a copy of the Su-27K).

Results of the analysis of satellite images show that the total production area is 560 ha shipyard, it is separated from the shoreline approximately 3.6 km. The terrain shipyard has three production bands, four dock station, a few hidden and open berths. The shipyard can build ships with a displacement of 80 thousand tons

Earlier, the Chinese military authorities claimed that the future of the PLA Navy associated with the development of aircraft carriers. It is reported that the country’s manufacturing base created for the construction of their own ships of this class, held «great preliminary work.» «Company» Jiangnan «has all the ability to build an aircraft carrier with its intellectual property rights,» says Managing Director.

For disk imaging, the shipyard built destroyers Type 052D, two destroyers built Type 052S, the total number of employees 10.5 thousand people. It is reported that two aircraft carriers will be built (tab in 2013 and 2015, putting into operation in the fleet in 2020 and 2020). PLA Navy representatives stated that can be built «more aircraft carriers.»

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