Chinese rice seasoned with bacon Russian

Russia sells abroad more pork. Its exports are growing at 20% a year. Including — due to buyers from China. Pork production in the country hitting record lows. Last year, farmers have prepared her more than 2.5 million tons — and continue to build on the momentum. This swine abundance has not happened since the early 1990's. Hryushek in domestic livestock farms is growing. It reached almost 19 million.

However, exports of pork from Russia is still small. Last year, she was taken by only 4 million. The main buyer — a neighbor of the Customs Union — Kazakhstan. For comparison, chicken and other poultry farmers in 2012 exported 64 million dollars.

Now the export of Russian pork will go up dramatically. The reason — this year it began shipping to Asia. Especially in China. Earlier Celestial bought from Russian farmers unless pig ears and snouts. There, these by-products are smoked and consumed as a snack with beer. Now the Chinese are becoming fans of Russian hryushek meat and fat.

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