City tour with Paul Lyubimtsev watch online

City tour with Paul Lyubimtsev watch online
Of course, the weekly program "Urban journey with Paul Lyubimtsev "opening on the channel" Home "has a multi-million dollar appreciation to the audience.

His appeal and the finest sense of humor and fascinating narrative that leads applets Paul Lyubimtseva managed to become the darling of the huge number of viewers of different ages.

Each new release provides a unique opportunity for you to go on a virtual tour once city, is of historical value. You will be a story about the history of the town, about what lives and how it develops in the current time. And, of course, the most fundamental — it is a story about people and their devoted love of his native town.

Do not miss a single issue and you'll find fascinating information about the next place, which will go leading and about the exciting stories of the lives of the characters.

The urban look journey with Paul Lyubimtsev online

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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