Civil society is the Strategy-2012

April 11-12 in Minsk will host a conference "The role and place of civil society in the strategy of the future." This conference was supposed to spend a month ago, but then the administration of the Minsk International Education Center at the last moment in the room. Denial Reason — allegedly one of the founders of the Center, Minsk city executive committee, prohibited to give a platform to the democratic forces. Now the organizers have found a new playground.

Representatives of civil society, that is, the third sector, in March introduced its "Strategy 2012: a dialogue within the Democratic Forces for the dialogue with the regime." Moreover, as explained by one of the developers of the strategy, a political scientist Vladimir Mackiewicz, Civil society does not undertake to perform political functions. It simply expresses his dissatisfaction with the situation of the political opposition, which is destined to represent the political level, the interests of society and civil society:

"Civil society is quite openly and fundamentally requires

Civil society calls on politicians to end their disputes and recriminations, and unite.

politicians to end their disputes, recriminations, join together to achieve our common goals to end the showdown between himself and get down to business, then, that politicians are supposed to do. Therefore, at this conference, the civil community and appeals to politicians: finish up doing what you're doing. Enough. Start to work. "

That the agreed common strategy of action is needed, and agree to the policy. Milinkevich, leader of the movement "For Freedom", says

"We need a strategy. WhenWhat does the essentially this: not just a strategy for a group of political parties. I emphasize this. The great political opportunity and the need is great, so it was a consolidated center and political forces and social forces, and the expert public. And for this we must strive. "

A representative of the "Tell the Truth" Andrey Dmitriev believes that we need consolidation and that a single strategy:

"You have to understand: two strategies of a democratic society means

Two strategies of a democratic society means no strategy.

lack of strategy. When we move again in different columns, it means that we follow to nowhere. Therefore, the challenge — to form a common strategy. "

According to Vladimir Mackiewicz, civil society is not just a moan, they say, politics, unite and govern us. Civil society is the intellectual forces, the experts, the impact on the target groups, and this allows it to offer its own version of action. But this does not mean that she will be adopteda:

"The first day will be heard all the deals and offers from Shushkevich Kozulin, Ivashkevich and the others, and if there are suggestions of other parties and leaders who have not yet made public, and some alternative proposals, which are the leaders of civil society. We are in this sense offer to everyone who has something to say — put them on the first day of the conference. And on the second day we will think how to reconcile them with each other. stark contrast seems to be no. Therefore, the challenge — how to combine them with each other and choose the most suitable strategy . "

It is assumed that the conference will involve about 130 people. Invited experts from Europe, representatives of the diplomatic missions of the EU countries accredited in Belarus. About the exact location of the conference is not reported.

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