Clients of OJSC Russian Railways can make an electronic power of attorney for cars in ETRANe.

The customers of JSC "Russian Railways" an opportunity to execute a power of attorney for cars on paperless technology using a digital signature. This opportunity provides a new version of ETRAN developed by JSC "IntelLeks" and installed on the industrial complex of the MCC OJSC "Russian Railways".

 April 26th at the industrial complex MCC OJSC "Russian Railways" was put into operation a new version of the automated system ETRAN. Now, customers of JSC "Russian Railways", connected to the system will be able to issue a power of attorney to legally significant cars, signing her electronic signature. The initiator of the emergence of new functionality delivered CFTO[1]JSC "Russian Railways", the developer — JSC "IntelLeks."

The possibility of filing a power of attorney in electronic form will help owners optimize its car fleet. Power of attorney includes the full life cycle of the document: to conclude prior to termination. Before the power of attorney shall be accepted for use in OAO "Russian Railways", it must be signed by an electronic signature as trustee and attorney.

Previously, the transfer of the car in the asset management side had to execute a power of attorney paper and have them apply to agents CFTO. Those, in turn, have made a mark in the appropriate electronic invoices. If the securities have been issued incorrectly or not in time to the management of the cars had difficulties. A little later, the opportunity to sign a power of attorney electronic signature has been available to the principal. In the version, earning 26 April, experts' IntelLeks "added a similar feature to a trusted organization. Now, signed by both parties, the electronic power of attorney was legally significant.

[1] Center of Transport Service

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