Dear fans! In recent days, upon receipt of club cards, many of you have questions, what is needed CLUB CARD? What advantages does it offer? What to do with it? And for how long the club card is issued? We would like to remind you that the details of the loyalty program for season ticket holders and club cards published on the official website in the subscription. For those who do not have the possibility to get acquainted with her, reported: 1. CLUB CARD given to you in perpetuity and will be exchanged only in the case of loss or wear and tear, 2. Owner of club cards is cumulative discounts on purchases at the store attributes of FC "Locomotive" (at the moment you all have valid minimum discount of 5%). The more purchases you make in the club shop, the bigger the discount in the future. All your purchases are recorded in the database, and the accumulation of a certain amount, the discount is automatically increased 3. CARD HOLDERS become members of various bonus programs and prize drawings, which we plan to hold at the beginning of season 4. CLUB CARD is your passport to all the main events organized by the FC "Locomotive": meetings with the team and the club, open workouts, tours of the stadium and sports training facilities, etc. 5. With club card you will be much easier and more convenient to go to the sector during away games "Locomotive", 6. CLUB CARD gives 10% discount at the bowling club and fitness center "Zebra", which are at the stadium "Locomotive", 7. For owners CARD provides quota of tickets at reduced prices for the matches of the national team. Later FC "Locomotive" is planning to expand the scope of the CARD. Sincerely, Directorate for work with the fans of FC "Locomotive"

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