Colca Canyon — the deepest canyon in the world!

For a long time it was thought that the deepest canyon on earth is the Grand Canyon in Colorado. However, in 1984 it was a misconception dispelled when the Guinness Book of Records was recorded Colca Canyon. After in 1983 the American magazine "Neyshnl Dzheogrefik" organized a research expedition to the area, it was found that a mile deep Colca Grand Canyon. Since then, the natural attraction of Peru enjoys continued popularity with tourists, who, climbing to the mountain top, eager to see the bottom of the Colca, located at a depth of 3400 m

The surprise of most visitors is the fact that the canyon is not deserted. In its valley high in the mountains, there are large agricultural areas of the local population. In general, the first people settled here another 1.5 thousand years ago. It was the era of pre-Inca tribes. Being engaged in farming, they organized on the slopes of the terraces, the walls are made oblique. Thus, the water flowing from the mountains during the melting of the glaciers is not washed away crops, and carefully watered them.
Later on in the area the Incas settled. Their graves are here periodically ever since. While in the valley to cultivate the 10 hectares of land. The very name of the canyon after the Indian word "chopping", meaning "with a grain barn." Many of the terraces arranged by ancient Indians used the present-day inhabitants of Kolka.

Canyon is located 180 km south of the largest city in Peru — Arequipa. From his mountain road paved, but still part of the way up the canyon to do the walk. Colca has a length of 100 km along its bottom flowing mountain river of the same name, which in many years, "dug" here as a deep depression. By the way, it is a good place for extreme metal. For the first time on this route was the expedition of students of the University of Krakow. Open their descent they named in honor of his countryman — Pope John Paul II.
At the bottom of the canyon valley is located swamp in which, according to local residents, disappearing pets and even children. According to an ancient legend, here Mother Earth takes a victim. From the canyon itself offers a wonderful view of the nearby volcanoes: Sabankaya, Ualka-Ualka and Ampat. Since some of them are still active, seismic activity in the area is quite high. Periodically, the whole layers of soil just go deep into the ground.

Very popular with tourists lookout Cruz del Condor, because that's what it is most convenient to watch another attraction of this place — huge condors, the largest flying birds in the world. Three-meter wingspan allows them to freely float in the air at an altitude of 5.5 km. The peasants who live in the canyon still idolize these birds and bring them to the victim as pets.



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