Combine customized Vorkuta miners produced in Kramatorsk


Novokramatorsky Machine Works completed the order of miners in Vorkuta coal mine in Russia. Custom-made in Kramatorsk Donetsk region of the miner will have to work in the mine "Komsomolskaya", UKRINFORM correspondent reports.

"Miner P110-04 — the fourth modification of the unit, able to take the hardest rock, — says the head of the mechanical assembly plant N 14 Novokramatorsk machine factory Evgeny Korobkin. — By request of the miners of Vorkuta, he will have additional opportunities. Thus, the processor is able to not only run mining, but also to help them strengthen. And technology from NKMZ equipped with its own effective "vacuum cleaner" — dust suppression pumping station. "

The new harvester shipped to customers.

Currently, mechanical engineers are working on the implementation of Kramators'k order mining equipment for miners SUEKa — Siberian Coal Energy Company.

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