Commander of the Southern Military District, Colonel General Alexander Galkin sums up his re-District

Army units that protect the southern borders of the country, within the framework of the state defense order are equipped with new military equipment and weapons systems.

About the way that the technical re-equipment of troops, especially for readers of "RG" said the commander of the Southern Military District, Colonel General Alexander Galkin.

RG: How do you assess the rate of re-units of the Russian army in the southern strategic direction?

Alexander Galkin: Just a few years ago, the military units of the Southern Military District were armed mainly models of military equipment, set up in the days of the Soviet Union, and the share of modern samples did not exceed 10-15 percent. Today everything has changed dramatically. In the increasing flow of troops come with modern weapons and military equipment of all kinds. The share of modern air defense systems, artillery systems, armored vehicles, vehicles, communications equipment, small arms has increased by 20 percent and accounts for over 70 per cent.

Motorized infantry brigade in North Ossetia, Dagestan, Volgograd Region, the Stavropol Territory and the Chechen Republic fully rearmed with the T-90A and T-72BM with upgraded missile-gun armament combat vehicles BMP-3 and BTR-82A. At the end of last year in the framework of the state defense order more than 250 units of various armored vehicles.

Gunners districts have adopted more than 230 pieces of contemporary models of self-propelled howitzers, "MSTA-S", "Acacia", "Carnation", anti-tank missiles and mortars. Only in 2010-2011, the pilots received about 80 new units of aircraft. Among them — the Mi-28N, Mi-8 different versions, Mi-35, Su-27SM3, Su-30. Continuing flow of previously issued but modernized arms.

RG: What technique will force SOUTH this year?

Galkin: In 2012 the planned delivery of 40 units of new aircraft, including more than a dozen military attack helicopters Ka-52 "Alligator". Pass the state driving test small artillery ship "Volgodonsk" and missile ship "Dagestan", which will join the Caspian Flotilla this year.

In the Caspian flotilla entered service with the modern coastal missile system "Bal-E", which includes a self-propelled command post control and communication, self-propelled launcher and other special equipment. This is unparalleled anywhere in the world and is capable of hitting targets at a distance of over 100 kilometers. At the end of last year, the composition of the fleet entered the sea tug RB-10.

We get a combined arms differentiated with improved body armor, combat protective kits, protective suits sapper PCL "Doubloon", the new combined-arms protective helmets. This modern equipment designed to protect soldiers from defeat by small arms fire, shrapnel and knives.

In the controls, and the troops of the Southern Military District, introduced a fundamentally new automated systems to gather information, process it, the elaboration of different options troops and mathematical simulation of military operations in real time.

Outdated analog equipment and microwave transmission wire is replaced by digital transmission systems, laid fiber optic lines are installed digital microwave and satellite stations. By 1 June 2010 the headquarters of all the associations and connections military district were fully equipped with digital telecommunications equipment and linked into a single digital network of the Ministry of Defence.

Until the end of 2012 to the network will be connected to all units and formations of the Southern Military District.

In addition to retrofitting stationary component of the communication system of military districts made the delivery of modern samples of field equipment. Currently, the military units and divisions due almost no communication equipment models of production before 2008. To replace outdated portable radio station came complexes "Aqueduct" and "Granite" is lightweight, easy to use and modern characteristics.

Field communication nodes associations and connections Military District are equipped with modern high power radio stations on the basis of "KAMAZ" and BTR-80.

Total military signalers for service received more than 200 modern communication systems based on wheeled and tracked vehicles, and more than two thousand of the latest models of portable communications devices.

RG: In southern Russia, a new cross-species task force. Why is that?

Galkin: The need to move to an entirely new system of command and control in the North Caucasus region is long overdue. This is due to counter the terrorist threat and external pressures. To counter these threats was necessary to concentrate under the unified leadership of all the forces and resources deployed in the region.

Earlier, the commander of Military Region responsible for the use of the land component of the armed forces, and when it was necessary to apply the capabilities genus or species of troops, it was necessary to obtain a permit in Moscow. It takes time and sometimes deprived the team to adjust the action of cross-species groups of troops.

Currently, all the forces and resources are concentrated and are under a unified command. Formed entirely new military authority — the Joint Strategic Command, which also manages the entire army group, located within the boundaries of the Southern Military District. As a result of the combat capabilities of troops SOUTH increased more than twice.

In the Southern Military District adopted units and formations of aircraft and air defense, the Black Sea Fleet, the Caspian Flotilla, railway troops, as well as a number of military units and organizations that used to be directly subordinate to the principal and central military control.

Qualitative changes have occurred in the area of training of troops. Combining ground force, navy and air force under a unified beginning made it possible to carry out a joint inter-specific training of troops, to work out the interaction of forces and means at the same time performing tasks in the air, on land and at sea.

Approximately 30 percent rate increase limit of ammunition and fuel at exercises that improve the quality of military and tactical training. Number of training tank firing quadrupled. Increased rates of artillery ammunition, missiles for air defense units, anti-tank guided missiles. Compared to the previous period the intensity of combat training has increased by 20 percent.

In addition, the active implementation of new training programs and methods of conscripts. Intensive use of educational material and technical base allows you to prepare a squad leader, gunner and driver fighting vehicle for three months. Prior to the reform of the Russian Armed Forces, it takes six months.

In 2011, SOUTH additional training in the Ministry of Defence Learning Network were about 2.5 thousand troops under the contract. This year, their skills will improve further 15,000 contractors on general military and naval professions, communications specialists, engineering forces, artillery and rocket forces, air defense forces. Training is carried out at the training centers, training military units, schools for junior professionals in the Krasnodar region, Sverdlovsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir, Volgograd regions.

Due to the fact that a number of formations and units deployed in the foothills and mountainous areas with special attention to the training of mechanics, drivers fighting vehicles and tanks, drivers of wheeled vehicles driving on teaching standard equipment in the mountains, on the
difficult terrain and passable.

In the Southern Military District plan to create a cross-species range "Ashuluk" in the Astrakhan region. This is a new ground, providing carrying out large-scale military exercise Army and other kinds of Armed Forces. It will be equipped with the latest developments of the radio-controlled equipment.

It is widely used in modern military training simulators based on computer technology — for shooting training of firearms with simulated recoil for operator training missile systems, air defense systems army air defense, flamethrower.

To train the crews of combat vehicles and tanks used vehicle-dynamic simulators. Software of all types of simulators to create a tactical situation of any complexity and simulate almost any kind of action. This significantly reduces the cost of fuel and ammunition (POL — 14 times, ammunition — to 30-fold).

RG: Army seeks to get away from non-core business and household tasks with the system of outsourcing. How is its implementation in the army SOUTH?

Galkin: The armed forces are now attracted to all personnel on military training activities in which every soldier learns what is required of him in combat. This became possible after the military teams were released from the need to solve the problem unusual for them self. The transfer of functions to other organizations allowed to make a qualitative leap in the intensity and effectiveness of the training.

To date, the organization of military power through specialized companies transferred all military units and institutions of the military district.

According to the system of outsourcing services more than 500 diners, ship galleys, power points, places, eating at the posts and lighthouses.

This year, more than three-fold increase in the level of technical supervision and service tanks, armored personnel carriers, artillery, vehicles, crews performed a number of enterprises. These works are carried out by experts sent from producers of Nizhny Tagil, Barrow, Naberezhnye Chelny, Arzamas and other cities. Thus, the personnel freed him from the non-core functions, which increased the time for combat training.

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The structure of the Southern Military District comprises the Army, the Black Sea Fleet, the Caspian Flotilla and the 4th Air Force and Air Defense Command. Military units are deployed in 12 regions of the Southern and North Caucasus federal districts. In addition, the district consists of four Russian military bases abroad in South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Armenia and Ukraine (Sevastopol).

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