Company 1C BIT has tested the new system of counting

Company "1C BIT" has tested the system CountBOX, Video systems established on the basis of counting Statistics.

Testing was conducted under real operating conditions of the system and shows the counting accuracy of incoming and outgoing people at 98%.

According to test results the company "1C BIT" made a proposal to start partnerships, implementation of the system of counting «CountBOX».

Video System Statistics — a product of "ELVIS-NEOTEK"To count visitors on the basis of video surveillance, which uses computer vision algorithms Orwell 2k. 

Application Monitoring systems counting Statistics allows you to get accurate information about the attendance for various lengths of time, to analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and other activities to determine the influence of factors (economic, political, climatic, etc) in attendance.


Using high-precision counter, can obtain information to make better management decisions. No statistical data is not possible to determine the ratio of visitors and the number of buyers — the most important economic indicator "index of conversion."

To solve this problem we designed and developed automated complex CountBOX (KauntBoks), including hardware and software. It is an innovative product on the world market, one of the key competitive advantages that are unique high counting accuracy.

Visitor counter CountBOX — this is the exact and complete information:

  • The number of visitors to any of the selected time intervals;
  • Exponent of conversion (the ratio of visitors / customers) to individual stores in a certain period of time;
  • About the effectiveness of retail space, depending on the size of their location, number of storeys, the representation of brands, etc.;
  • On the seasonal variation of the traffic and conversion;
  • The degree of attractiveness of individual outlets belonging to a network, etc.

For the administration visitors to the store counter able to become one of the main tools to analyze the success of the whole institution, or individual personnel changes, as well as in planning all aspects of the enterprise.

Thus, hit counter and system software CountBOX indispensable in the preparation of strategic and operational marketing plans:

  • Planning promotions;
  • Preparation of sales forecasts;
  • Determining the effectiveness of advertising and marketing activities.

Counting system CountBOX — it's not just people counter, Crossing the threshold of your shopping center or other institution. They are:

  • The possibility of obtaining dozens of highly analytical and statistical reports in digital and graphical display;
  • A powerful tool for the optimization of business processes and increase the impact of marketing;
  • The database for decision-making to improve the work of staff, reallocation of population shifts in accordance with the amplitude of attendance, service planning activities;
  • Additional dimension to the security establishment. In the event of a fire or other emergency situations, for security officers and Emergency departments most relevant and important information is the data about the number of visitors in the sales rooms. On the basis of these data, determine the required number of attracting rescue equipment and estimate the total scale of the operation.

Ease of use, the ability to export the data to Excel and integration with the program KauntBoks 1C and / or SAP modern managers opens many new opportunities.


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