Company Breeze Motors catalog has been updated with the hours of operation of power plants

Company "Breeze Motors" catalog has been updated with the hours of operation of power plants and expanded the list of available models of diesel generators. The catalog contains many popular brands of generators.


At the moment, the list of available power used / y, there are the following brands manufacturers:

  • FPT / Iveco Motors (Made in Italy);
  • SDMO (France);
  • GEKO (Germany);
  • CUMMINS (United Kingdom);

Available with diesel generators operating time have different power ratings of less than 100 kW (model WILSON P45R3 kVA / kW 45/36) to more than 1000 kW (model WILSON P1650E kVA / kW 1500/1200). The largest number of the models has a power generator in the range:

  • most low-power 16 kW diesel generators, and ascending 20 kW diesel generators.
  • In the medium horsepower lineup, are diesel generators from 100 kW to 400 kW.
  • In large power generators are 1200 kW.

Engineers and mechanics of the company carry out a qualitative pre-test each new instance of equipment for compliance with the specifications, performance, and reliability.

An additional advantage of buying a diesel generator with running time as well is the fact that, in some cases, the generators running time warranty from the manufacturer, which reduces the risk of the purchaser.

Technical specialists provide full service support at the stage of selecting the equipment. After a pre-selection you can personally to inspect the equipment that interests you (recommended) prior to making a purchasing decision. Depending on the power plant inspection may be carried out on the territory of "Breeze Motors", and in the facilities of our customers.

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