Company INTECH conducted the premiere contemporary conceptual bus LISA


Attention visitors and guests ComTrans 2011 (COMTRANS 2011) drew the premiere LISA bus for urban and suburban traffic, which is a new development a young team of designers and designers of INTECH (LLC "Innovative Technology").


Demonstrated by the sample has a modern design and a memorable appearance. The comfortable lounge has panoramic windows, 30 passenger seats with a high back and a flat floor that provides additional comfort when placed in the cabin. Two sliding side door width of 800 mm make it easy to pick up and drop off passengers.


A feature of this bus is that the body is made of fiberglass. High-tech features of this modern material allowed the designers to realize their design ideas and ensure maximum stability and safety of the structure. Carrier transmission is a bus chassis IVECO-Daily-70C15.

INTECH company was founded in 2009 by a small group of professionals whose purpose is the development and introduction of modern technologies and innovative products based on composite materials.

The work of specialists INTECH began with the construction and small-scale production of fiberglass parts for cars (tuning elements exterior and interior), as well as products for industrial and civil use (tanks, pipes, household goods, etc.). Within a short time the production of parts made of fiberglass has been mastered to perfection, and the complexity and quality of the products INTECH steel to meet the highest requirements of customers.

As a result, the experience gained in the manufacture of fiberglass and the enormous potential of this material allowed the team INTECH process of developing and implementing an ambitious project involving the production of the bus.

INTECH task of developers is maximizing opportunities fiberglass to create a design a bus that will look perfectly in a modern city or suburban landscape.

The result is a conceptual model «LISA» — bus for urban and intercity transport.


It is assumed two options configuration inside the bus — city (30 +8 +1) and suburban (30 +1). Bus interior has: a large, panoramic windows, two ventilation hatch in the roof, a flat floor throughout the area, ceiling height of 2 meters. Seat passengers can be carried out taking into account the environment (urban, suburban, tourism or sightseeing). For country versions provide additional luggage racks overhead. Under the floor of the luggage cabin has 4 sections totaling 700 liters.


Modern design bus at a glance attracts attention and leaves no one indifferent. In general, traffic flow, he does not go unnoticed.

The bus is built on a car chassis IVECO Daily 70C15 equipped with modern security systems. A modern diesel engine is the appropriate environmental standard E-4 and provides a good dynamic quality and high efficiency. Seats 30 or more makes this the most cost-effective bus on any urban or suburban routes. This equipment allows for self-sufficiency in the shortest possible time.

The main focus is the production company INTECH production of vans IVECO-Daily taxis. Interior of the bus has panoramic windows, 19 comfortable seats (total seats 19 +9), upholstery is made of fiberglass, which ensures durability and ease of operation. On the bus-mounted side-hinged door, which is the most practical and durable as compared to the sliding door on the base van IVECO Daily.

In the process of production and design specialists are constantly engaged in improving the INTECH and finding innovative solutions in their own development using the latest trends in the global automotive industry.


Model 2250-05 IVECO — LISA

Number of seats: 30 +1 suburban option

urban version 28 +10 +1

Manufacturer — INTECH (LLC "Innovative Technology")

Curb weight 4300 kg

Gross vehicle weight 7000 kg

Dimensions of the bus:

Length 8650 mm

Width 2450 mm

Height 2900 mm

Front overhang 1200 mm

Rear overhang: 2700 mm

Wheelbase 4700 mm


Passage width 480 mm

Interior height 2010 mm

Cabin floor height 770 mm (floor flat with no podiums).

Interior doors — sliding, 2 pcs.

Door width — 800 mm.

The total amount of luggage — 700 liters (4 compartments under the floor in the wheelbase)

Bus body — skeleton of welded rectangular shaped tubes with outer and inner lining of fiberglass and aluminum sandwich panels. The interior decoration interior used ABS plastic, fabric inserts and floor carpet.

Bus chassis — IVECO DAILY 70C15

Wheel 4×2

Wheelbase 4750 mm

The wheels 225/75 R16 (6 +1)

Engine IVECO F1C

Location longitudinal front.

Environmental standard for EU EURO 4 exhaust

Engine capacity 2998 cm3

Max. engine power 146 hp (3000-3500 rev / min.)

Max torque — 350 Nm (1400-2600 r / min.)

Type — in-line 4-cylinder diesel engine, 16-valve,

Injection System — Common Rail 2nd generation.

Turbocharged and intercooled.

Cooling — water, fan c electromagnetic clutch.


Front — independent, torsion bar with stabilizer,

hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers.

The back-to semi springs and stabilizer

with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers.

Steering — power steering.

The brake system.

The system ABS8, ASR, ESP.

Disc brakes front and rear.

Voltage: 12V Battery: 12V (110 Ah).

Enhanced alternator 110A/12V, 1.68 kW.

Fuel tank — 100 l

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