Company Leksand released DVR with glass optics

Registrar with glass optics offers Russians company "Leksand." Viewing angle lens Lexand LR-4500 is 140 degrees, so that the record is fixed at not only the space in front of cars, but the roadsides. In the model is G-Sensor. After his trip as a result of stroke, sudden braking or turning piece of video recorded in a special area on the card, and thus protected from being overwritten.

The Russian company "Laboratory" Leksand "", became famous for its satellite navigators entered the market of car DVR in November 2011 with three models: Lexand LR-2000, LR-2500 and LR-3000.

In the summer of 2012, the company introduced a new line of devices, which includes two models: Lexand LR-3500 and LR-3700. In addition, the portfolio Lexand present navigators-recorders with a diagonal of 5, 6 and 7 inches.

Today Lexand unveils new DVR — Lexand LR-4500. The model is based on the processor AIT 8427, which provides a high definition video recording compared to models based on chips Ambarella.

In Lexand LR-4500 realized natural mode Full HD 1080p without interpolation. In the budget recorders often used this cunning marketing technique, involving stretching digital low-resolution video to these specifications in size (HD or Full HD). In practice, this results in poor quality, "soap" high-resolution image.

Video recording is cyclical — the new files over the old ones — fragments of 1, 3, 5, 10 minutes or continuously. The new file is logged at the same moment in which the last one ended — "failures" in between are missing. Many registrars between the fragments lost 1-5 seconds.

The model has a microphone to record sound, dynamics and G-Sensor. After actuation of the latter (by shock, sudden braking, turning etc.) fragment written in a special area of the memory card and thus protected from being overwritten. Furthermore, to protect the image can be manually using the appropriate menu options.

To watch the video Lexand LR-4500 is equipped with 2-inch display, includes an option for turning off the display: it ceases to annoy the driver of his light (especially useful for night-time), and the recorder continues to work and record videos.

To display information on the TV and LCD monitors provide interfaces AV and HDMI. Appropriate cables are supplied Lexand LR-4500, as well as a car holder with a metal tip. Often substituted with registrars fully plastic mounts that have significantly lower levels of reliability.

Lexand LR-4500 is available in two colors: silver and dark gray. The estimated cost of new items on the Russian market — 5000 rubles.

Overview Lexand LR-4500.

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