Company New-Fence opens a new shop for powder coating products.

April 1, 2013 a ceremonial launch of the new plant for powder coating of the "New-fence."

The new workshop is designed to address several important industrial problems of "new-fence" and will not only stain the entire production of the company, but also to accept applications for powder paint of any metal from other customers. 

The new shop has been running one of the largest ovens on painting in Moscow and Moscow region, which has impressive specifications. It will help paint products, the size of which can vary up to 7 meters in length and 2.5 meters in height.

Event Production Manager commented Strukov Evgeny: "The opening of the new shop has become an important and crucial event for our company. New hall of the "New-fence" for powder coating will help us to increase the quality of the coating manufactured products and will increase the guarantee on the metal for up to 20 years. "

For further details you can contact to the head of production Strukov Evgeny by contact phone numbers in Moscow 8 (495) 518-11-05, e-mail or on the website:

About the company:

"New Fence" is specialized in production of Steel was founded in Moscow in late December 2006. The company manufactures and installs various types of fences, including Fences made of corrugated board, mesh-netting, polycarbonate, with the foundation and brick pillars and sliding doors with automatic and without (with different kind of filling) and different types of canopies.

The main competitive advantages of the company — the presence of its own production, attractive prices for services, fast and quality installation with a guarantee, as well as staff of competent and qualified professionals.

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