Company NeyroMaks conducted studies of the drug from diabetic neuropathy

Member of "Skolkovo" Russian biopharmaceutical company "NeyroMaks" successfully completed phase Ia clinical trial of the drug being developed for diabetic neuropathy — a disease occurring in one in three patients with diabetes mellitus.

Developed "NeyroMaksom" preparation NM-IA-001 (BNV-222) is a blocker nizmolekulyarny enzyme aldose reductase, contributing to a significant slowdown in the flow of diabetic neuropathy. Partner "NeyroMaksa" in product development serves the American biotechnology company Bionevia Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

The study, permission has been previously obtained in the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation, took place on the basis of the Perm State Medical Academy named after Academician Wagner. According to a preliminary report, developed the drug is well tolerated and safe and can be recommended for further clinical trials of the drug for the purpose of registration in the Russian Federation, the report says.

Earlier, the "NeyroMaks" has successfully completed a series of pre-clinical studies of efficacy and safety of this drug.

"NeyroMaks" — Russian innovative biotechnology company founded in 2010 and invested by venture capital fund "Maxwell Biotech", created with the participation of RVC. The main activity of "NeyroMaksa" is aimed at the development and elimination of the Russian market innovative products in the field of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system.

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