Company NIPIGORMASH has shipped a new development to the customer

Universal SZMZ-14 — emulsion mixing and charging machine and plant emulsion on one side

On the assembly line production site "NIPIGORMASH" shipped a new development company — a 14-ton mobile units SZMZ-14 on the basis of car Iveco.

This charging machine produces emulsion explosives and charges them well as factory production of emulsions and of emulsion made of the components directly on the machine, the plant just before recharging — in this case, the separate components of the emulsion transport machine has high security, but the versatility of This equipment is shown in the other. 

The other mix-pump machines SZMZ-14 is different in that if necessary, it can produce only one of the components — the emulsion matrix — and can be used as a mobile unit, the plant for loading other emulsion mix-pump machines. In this case, operation SZMZ-14 significantly reduces the cost of building a plant for the production of explosives (equipment and machinery for the manufacture of emulsion), as making only a hot solution of oxidant and fuel mixture.

It is noteworthy that the features of this development were discussed at the annual working meeting, which took place in Yekaterinburg on the basis of "NIPIGORMASH" in November last year. After a joint analysis of the designers of the enterprise and the leading experts on the BSB from Russia and Kazakhstan to the equipment changes have been made to improve the efficiency of the machine-factory.

At present, the first SZMZ-14 delivered to the customer and prepares for acceptance testing, production of the second car of the same series will be completed in the near future. Due to the increased interest in the new development, which has no analogues in the Russian market, the company management decided to remove the informational video about the test results and to present it to the attention of industry experts at the regular working meeting in Yekaterinburg, which will take place this fall.

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