Company RusBusinessAvto mastered the assembly of tractors


Company "RusBusinessAvto" began producing a series of tractors for construction companies and public services that meet the requirements of the basic procurement tenders.  

At the moment, the production line consists of three models of tractors CBM-351 RBA:


CBM-351 RBA-01 with plow-brush equipment

CBM-351 RBA-02 with loading and brush equipment


MUP-351 RBA-03, which is a combined model that combines in one machine both.


As the main partner of the manufacturer implements for tractors was selected JSC "Salskselmash."  

Model KO plow blade 4, mounted on a modification of the RAB and RAB-01-03, a hydraulic actuator to rotate the knife 30 ° from a central position, both left and right facing. This versatile solution enables the cleanup of snow in a convenient direction, as well as quality planning area after the underground repairs. The width of the work area ranges from a maximum of 2500 mm to 2150 mm at the minimum angle of rotation of the greatest blade.  

Loader universal PKU ,8-0-0 is set on modifications of the RBA and RBA-02-03. It is equipped with a bucket PKU-0 ,8-5 with a capacity of 0.8 m³ and a payload of 800 kg, allowing the bootstrap as well as content manually. When unloading the bucket can be lifted to a height of 2500 mm, thus giving the ability to download almost all used in the construction and utilities dump. Brush equipment MK-454 is a permanent part of all modifications of the RBA-01, RAB-02 and RAB-03, the diameter of 550 mm with a right slant provides a working width of 1800 mm, allowing you to clean the surface quality of the estimates. On request is possible to install other attachments with different drives from other manufacturers.  

All three models are assembled based on the popular all-wheel drive tractor MTZ-82.1 "Belarus" 4×4. The power plant, a time-tested Minsk diesel engine D-243, with direct fuel injection, power of 81 hp at 2200 min-1, combined with a 9-speed manual gearbox with a divider, 18/4.  

In connection with the application as a carrier famous for reliability and ruggedness of MTZ-82.1 "Belarus" and the specific use of such technology, it was decided to abandon the construction of a major stationary service stations. Instead, all attention was focused on the creation of a sufficient number of mobile teams that can promptly arrive on the permanent deployment of technology for fast and efficient repairs. At the moment these teams work in Moscow, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Rostov, Samara and Chelyabinsk and related areas.

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