Company Urals Nickel received a patent for the invention: A process for recovering nickel from laterite nickel ores

Company "Urals Nickel" received a patent for the invention: "A process for recovering nickel from laterite nickel ores." This patent was 26 in a row invention certificates made by the staff of "Urals Nickel". All 26 inventions, the authorship of which is confirmed by patents of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks belong to the field of hydrometallurgy.


Feature just received a patent in the fact that the scientific work was conducted in parallel with the production. The invention "Method of extraction of nickel from laterite nickel ore," describes the technology, which the company will apply to master Kungurskoe deposit of nickel ore.

The essence of this invention is described in Russian Patent rather complicated specific language.

"Description:" The method of extraction of nickel from laterite nickel ores by heap leaching of nickel, neutralization productive solution, sorption of his nickel processing desorbata to produce nickel … ".

To sum up the essence of the 26 inventions made by the specialists of "Urals Nickel", we can say without false modesty, that it is the only company in the country that offers a scientifically proven methods of extraction of metals from low-grade ores and slag dumps. Hydrometallurgy can significantly reduce the cost of the metal. In addition, developments "Urals nickel", provide an opportunity to supply consumers with no raw materials, and highly profitable product innovation demanded by the global automotive and electronics industries.

In addition, hydrometallurgy can be for the Urals and a great social project. Since this method of extraction allows you to extract metals from poor fields that are not suitable for conventional pyrometallurgical method of production, it gives a second life to the Ural company towns, living around the old ironworks. All of them are now experiencing hard times due to the fall in world metal prices, the lack of high-grade ore and the high cost of the traditional method of extraction of metal.

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