Cosmonautics Day

Russia's participation in the exploration of Mars

In autumn 2011, Atlas V rocket launched


In the framework of the international Mars exploration program. This project is involved and Russia.
The first and most powerful rocket stage equipment RD-180.

Rocket should deliver the rover Curiosity


Scientific instruments apparatus will effectively detect organic molecules and to establish their structure, as well as to probe the thick layer of soil in search of traces of water by means of the neutron detector, the creation of the Russian Space Agency.

On Mars rovers will be a special chip in whose memory
afterwards registered names. These names proputeshestvuyut several million kilometers
in space, will make a landing on Mars and will travel to travel to the Mars rovers.

Lead blogger site has been made here, — Tumanova sent to Mars!

Certificate of participation in the project Mars Science Laboratory (MSL). at number N2M401134446 (tumanova)

Fall, she can say — "Getting started!"

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