Your conscience — you say — rebels against being a "straw man, a puppet for two or more dozen Pinger the rope." What do you know about us, once you see us? What do you know about our goals, about us, about whom you can not judge? You need a strange evidence. And do you really believe that you "know" to us or any infiltrated our "intent and purpose", if you saw me in person? I'm afraid that without such experience in the past, even your natural observational skills, no matter how they were sharp, must be acknowledged as more than useless. Yes, my dear sir, even our Invisible mediators and assistants can be beyond the power of the most discerning resident political, and no not yet tracked down and identified, and their mesmeric force is not of the highest order. What would you suspect or eat on the details, "brooch", in this case, there is one important feature that your insight is supporting you — that this can be explained by assuming that some more strong will made Mrs Hume was thinking about this subject, and not the other. And if Madame B., sickly woman, attributed to such a force, then you can be quite sure that you do not succumb to the will of a trained, ten times stronger than her? I could come to you tomorrow, at home in your house as a guest, and fully own your mind and body for 24 hours, and you can not for a moment that would not have seen.
I can be a good person, but I could be, how do you know and evil plotting and deeply hate your white race, daily degrading my people, and avenge you, one of the best representatives of this race.

If the use of force alone exoteric mesmerism, that is, the force of which can have the same aspect to master both good and bad people, even then you are unlikely to have escaped the traps, arranged for you if the person you invited, would have been a good mesmerizer, for you are highly malleable in this regard subject to the physical point of view. "But my conscience, but my intuition" — you can argue. In this case, as with me — help a little. While your intuition would make you feel at all, except that in reality it was, but what comes to your conscience, do you really think Cantonese its definition is correct? You probably also believe, like him, that under all circumstances, even in the absence of religious concepts, without well-defined notions of what is good and what is bad, people always have the right leadership in his own inner moral sense — conscience? The greatest mistake! With all the great significance of the moral factor, it has one radical defect.

Conscience, as has been said, can be equated to that demon, to whose dictates so attentively listened Socrates and which he so quickly obeyed. Like this demon, conscience might accidentally tell us what we should not do. However, it never leads us to what we should do, and does not give a definite purpose of our business. And nothing can be more easily Putting to sleep and even paralyzed, as this is the conscience, if it will take a train, a strong will, than the holder of conscience. Your conscience will not tell you whether mesmerizer true followers or a very clever charlatan, once he has crossed your threshold and seized control of your aura. You are talking about abstinence from all classes except for the innocent like collecting birds, to avoid creating another monster — Frankenstein … How will and imagination creates. Suspicion is the most powerful agent causing imagination … Take care! You already conceived the germ of the future ugly monster, instead implement your purest and highest ideals, you may one day cause a ghost who, blocking all the way to the Light will leave you in even more darkness than you were before. And he will not haunt you the rest of your days.

Gurdjieff. The concept of Conscience

Conscience. As you know, in the experience of religion as a means of transmitting the teachings of the conscious to the sleeping humanity as a source of failure is that people, nation, nation establishes its own dogma as absolute truth, and so people persecuted, despised and kill each other in the name this supposed truth, in the name of God.

They can do this quite sincerely and say that they are a matter of conscience. But it is — false or mechanical conscience, which is formed in the person. It is a false or acquired conscience is not based on the internal sense. It refers to the false personality, and therefore to a false sense of dignity and, consequently, leads to the conclusion that someone is right and better than others, and that others who have different religious beliefs are inferior, immoral, despicable and deserving to be killed.

The difference between the true and the Conscience of a mechanical or False Conscience is true that conscience is the same in all people, and said so to say, on the same language. Mechanical, or false conscience is different for different people according to their ethnicity, education, practices, faith, etc.

If people can be awakened, true conscience spoke to all of them and they would get along with each other, as she spoke to everyone the same way.

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