Cucumber scandal Spain Germany requires one hundred percent compensation


Hundred percent compensation for the distribution of information she contamination of Spanish vegetables dangerous intestinal bacteria require Spain to Germany. This was stated by Minister for Environment, Agricultural and Marine Spain Rosa Aguilar Rivero.

In an interview with the Financial Times, she said that a claim for compensation will be presented on June 7 at the meeting of Ministers of Agriculture of the European Union in Luxembourg. Rosa Aguilar Rivero, however, did not specify the amount that Spanish farmers intend to demand from Germany for the many failures of a number of contracts for the supply of Spanish vegetables. E. coli epidemic ravaged the Spanish farmers who are losing 200 million euros a week.

"We will not allow any loss to our producers because they totally are not to blame" — quoted by the Spanish Minister of ITAR-TASS.

The first one to restore the reputation of Spanish cucumbers was the Minister of Agriculture of Andalusia Clara Aguilera. In the midst of the panic caused by the spread of the dangerous strain of E. coli in northern Germany, the Minister of Agriculture of Andalusia visited one of the farms and in front of numerous journalists ate cucumber grown in beds.

Meanwhile in Germany infected with dangerous E. coli were more than 2,300 people, 22 people have died. Following the cucumbers under suspicion in Germany were bean and soybean.

Soy version explains the causes of the mysterious epidemic of fifteen years ago in Japan. In 1996, within a month in the hospital a continuous stream of incoming patients with the same symptoms as in Germany. And then also suspected germinated seeds, but could not prove anything. Then hurt a lot of kids, now adults, that, in general, of course: fresh bean sprouts and wheat — a traditional ingredient of oriental cuisine, in Europe it is a restaurant exotic, now, it can be assumed to be lost.

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