Currency disappeared. But how many of the old cars!

In Belarus, the excitement has not abated around the acquisition of second-hand foreign cars. Many people who are in a hurry to buy a car, hoping after the 1st of July to get high returns. Meanwhile, authorities warned that these plans can not be realized if Russia introduces restrictions and close access to their markets for foreign cars imported via Belarus.

Gomel Oblast

To buy a car, the Belarusians are buying the currency in Russian

Approximately one and a half to two times increased in recent times daily registration of foreign cars in the inter-district registration and ekzametsionnye department (IRED) Gomel dyarzhavtaispektsyi.

It is reported by a representative of the Department:

"In 1.5-2 times increased recently registration transport compared with what was one month ago."

In the queue outside the IRED is about a dozen cars. Even more of them on the ground waiting for verification.

Bought a used minivan "Volkswagen caravel" came Gomel resident to register a ripe old age. He says he had suffered fraught until bought the currency to purchase this vehicle. And not in the "Belarusbank", where he kept his money, and in Russia:

He collected money for pennies — enough to eat, nedapivav.

"At the bank I lay Belarusian money at interest. He collected money for pennies — enough to eat, nedapivav. A month before that excitement came to the bank and withdraw the money and wanted to buy the currency. The bank said not to worry and come at any time on your money and currency. Here's son calls a father, all is lost! I ran to the bank at a loss: "Give something!" They did not give me anything — not a single dollar or euro, nothing! . "

"They gave me the Russian ruble. I started to call in Russia, agreed there, I went and bought dollars to Russia, and then went to the car. This power is to blame — again deceived the people and the second time. Lukashenko said yesterday that the U.S. 5-6 months will not. What are we waiting for 5-6 months, when the "customs clearance" go up? He said even that would now raise the fee, but, well, sorry people — even buy cars who thought up. But there is one "but". How much for the this time Dollar cost will be — 3050 or 4080? "

Gomel motorists and carriers believe that the surge in demand for used cars due to the increase of the declared duty to help if you do not get rich Belarusians, then at least update the private fleet in the country. Imported from abroad machine people will still buy, despite the desire of the authorities to bring people to the vehicles of the Russian automobile industry.

Carrier says Alex: "So try, in particular, to raise the demand for cars of the Russian automobile industry. But second-hand cars — better than with AvtoVAZ cars, with the Russian automobile industry. "

Carriers do not rule out that Russia has until July 1 to make special arrangements to block the influx of foreign cars through Belarus.

In Belarus and Russia are now the same prices for cars — that here, and there.

Russians themselves are acquiring in Belarus foreign cars imported from the EU show that already make money on foreign cars in Russia is difficult.

This is what, in particular, says azerbayzhanets Saeed, who has lived in Smolensk and arrived in Belarus to buy an overseas mini-van:

"Large influx gone, and now it became unprofitable to carry. You do the same with Russian steel prices — which are then and there. "


Only after the Brest-fit almost every day five hundred cars. Sell them in Russia banned

At Brest car market.

For a day at the customs border in Brest recorded hundreds of cars imported from abroad. The car market is experiencing an unprecedented boom.

At customs points Brest recently include original records. The other day, a day customs officers have issued 497 cars. Imported to Belarus to sell cars in Russia is now impossible. Only those cars that have been imported to Belarus until 2010, go on sale in Russia. All that is imported now goes to the domestic market. As the official representative of the Belarusian State Customs, the number of cars imported to Belarus is not reduced:

"At the crossing points on the border of Brest Customs recently issued about 500 cars per day. For example, that today This situation is almost same level is maintained. It's about a five-point customs control, including on Baranavichy customs, where rail cars are imported from the Baltic region. "

The representative of the Brest customs also said that in addition to the work taken 16 others who are engaged in customs clearance.

The biggest trade of the auto market — on Friday and Saturday

At Brest car market on weekdays much excitement there. But, says the car owner Andrew, unprecedented trade takes place on Friday and Saturday:

"On Friday and Saturday at the market a huge number of visitors. Now there is a real buzz, artificially inflated prices, and just an all active bargaining. Machine instantly bought. "

Council expert: "No need to hurry"

Brest says motorist with more experience Sergei Shutko:

"The" mass arrests "for now avtoperegonschikov. They are brought to the lyafetah now immediately for 3-4 cars. Earn moolah out of nowhere. "

Interested in the interlocutor prices for imported cars and prospects of the purchase. Sergey says:

"Well, then the prices have risen in Europe. On average, more than one thousand euros more expensive. There, too, are watching the situation. Finally Belarusians will remain, as they say, in their own interests. In Russia, these cars do not get. They will remain for internal use. And after the car market will freeze for a year or even two. So the fact that he wanted to buy a foreign car, no need to rush. "

A year ago in anticipation of the imposition of duties on imported cars for individuals Belarus flooded second-hand cars from Europe. However, Russia has missed on its market only cars that were imported into Belarus before January 1, 2010 and meet the standard of not less than "Euro-4". As a result, prices on used cars from July 1, 2010 have plummeted, with the most affected buyers' avtohlama. "



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