CVO military commander of the Novosibirsk garrison handed the keys to the apartment

January 25, commander of the Central Military District, Colonel General Vladimir Chirkin who performs with a group of generals and officers working trip to the region of Western Siberia, handed over the keys to new apartments Novosibirsk military garrison.

160-apartment building in the center of Novosibirsk was built specifically for the military. 93 apartments in it were the officers of the local garrison, others — from other regions of Russia and military bases in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.




Most of the apartments have been distributed to servicemen stationed in Western Siberia general army. In 2011, the officers of the association has been allocated 405 apartments and 98 State housing certificates (GLM). And in just the past three years, the figures were 704 apartments and 206 GLM.

— In 2012, the provision of housing for the military will be given special attention — said at a solemn meeting dedicated to the new home, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin. — In total, the Central Military District will be commissioned 16 houses in which soldiers receive about 2,000 apartments. In the near future, two new homes will be populated in Novosibirsk. They will have 450 apartments soldiers. Also during his trip commander CVO checked embattled military units and formations in the Kemerovo and Novosibirsk regions. Today, Vladimir Chirkin continue to separate motorized rifle brigade, connection of radiation, chemical and biological protection, as well as on the basis of an ammunition stationed in the Altai region.

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