Dagestan is not uncommon meteors and UFOs

Dagestan: The meteorite, which fell in the Chelyabinsk region, has excited not only Russians. "Space guests" said the whole world.

Here in the "land of mountains" — such visitors — not uncommon. Fortunately, messengers from space over Dagestan fly smaller, but more frequent.

Many witnesses in Dagestan: seen and comets and meteorites, and even UFOs.

Resident Rutul Abdulla Abdullayev, an employee of the Culture repeatedly in the vicinity of the village in 2011, saw a glow in the sky.

In 1995, the valley was discovered Tsakhur circles in a wheat field, but in those days in a mountainous area there was cameras and camcorders.

In 2000, the staff of the two border posts have seen UFOs over Dagestan, which was documented in a summary of the Interior Ministry. It happened over the village and Kazmalyar Register new Phil Magaramketskogo district. Here's what the "Interfax": "Two minutes watched soldiers quickly flying at an altitude of about 100 m from the mountains" target, having disappeared into the sea at the rate of 10? ". UFO no projectile or missile troops saw "three luminous fire with spacing of 2 m."
In "Dagestan truth" on June 5, 1991, there was a small article with the headline "UFO enter the parade," which explains how the projectionist Orudj Ramazanov, May 29, witnessed a strange phenomenon: the intensely bright spot of large diameter smoothly and quietly moved on Tarki- Tau.
After a meteorite in Chelyabinsk 28 thousand miles of Earth's orbit over the Pacific flew a large asteroid. Of course it's good that he did not touch our planet, but Dagestanis were a little disappointed that he flew so far away from the Caucasus.

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