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The ratification of the START-3 may prompt Moscow to the decision to disclose information on nuclear weapons

The secret to make explicitOn Wednesday, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrei Nesterenko said that our homeland is considering declassifying accurate information about their own nuclear arsenals. He also praised the United States, who last week told the details of their own nuclear supplies. Meanwhile, experts say that Washington and so has clear information on the nuclear potential RF, but the main issue at the moment is that the U.S. will take out of your tactical weapons in Europe.

In the future, our home can reveal information about their own nuclear weapons. But first, must be ratified a new contract for the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START).

This was announced by the official dealer of the Russian Foreign Ministry Andrei Nesterenko. Thus he commented on the publication of the Pentagon data on the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Last week it became clear that at the moment the Yankees 5,113 thousand warheads. Back in late 1967, there were 31.255 thousand. So Makarov, more than 40 years, these weapons were reduced by 84%.

"After the entry into force of the START contract, signed in Prague on April 8 presidents RF and the U.S., we will be able to see in practical terms the question of giving publicity to the total number of available RF deployed strategic launchers and warheads counted for them, "- said Nesterenko.

Our homeland and the United States more than once expressed intrigued to quickly ratify the START-3. In Russia, this procedure has to pass through both houses of parliament, and in the U.S. only in the Senate. U.S. President Barack Obama hopes that the senators would approve the document before the end of the year. The problem in some Republicans who oppose ratification. The fall in the U.S. elections will be held, and the House is updated approximately a third part. According to the forecasts of professionals, Republicans may well come in this election, and even take a large part in the Senate. Because white-washed house to try to ratify the election.

As for Washington's decision to disclose the information about nuclear arsenals, it is, according to Nesterenko,
"Increase transparency and confidence-building will serve between nuclear and non-nuclear states."

Managing director of the Center of Military Forecasting Anatoly Tsiganok in an interview with the newspaper The eyes reminded that the USSR, and later Our homeland in contract with the Yankees opened the accurate information about its own nuclear weapons, and South American specialists will get full access to the Russian hidden nuclear facilities.

But of Russian professionals who over the past 10 years, with similar missions came to the United States, about 30% were not admitted to the objects under various pretexts.

According to Gypsy, the Americans know not only the number of clear Russian arsenals, and in what regions of the country they are located.

"If we did not provide information on the Yankee nuclear weapons might not be the debate about control," & #8722, Explained the source.

Meanwhile, many South American experts believe the latest promulgated by the Pentagon incomplete information. It is unclear how many warheads is spare and how much will be dismantled. Dismantled warheads can rapidly return to its previous state or to use them for stuffing the creation of new weapons. However, in April, the Pentagon introduced the latest nuclear doctrine aimed at the gradual reduction of nuclear weapons.

Yet the U.S. dubbed own prototype gesture of openness.

"In the interests of our state & #8722, To be very clear on matters relating to nuclear programs from the United States. We believe that this contributes to the trust and allows people to better understand what is trying to make President Barack Obama and his administration, "- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

As for the disk imaging on Russian arsenals, it is classified, and the real numbers are called only on formal bilateral talks said expert.

According to the views of Gypsy, Nesterenko spoke on strategic weapons, the number of which, according to the newcomer START Treaty, in the next 10 years will be reduced by a third of both sides.

Meanwhile, many questions remain about the tactical munitions. If our homeland is keeping them only in their own country, the United States use this for several European countries.

"About 400 tactical munitions are on the ground in Western Europe. Of these about 200 munitions are stockpiled in Germany, Denmark and the UK, "& #8722, Told Tsiganok.

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