Debate in the office of the BPF

In the office of the BPF held policy debates, during which the analysts, experts, and community leaders will discuss the strategic options of the political opposition.

Agreed to participate authors in the debate "Strategy 2012" — Vladimir Mackiewicz and manifest "Boycott — the strategy for victory" — Ivashkevich.

Yuri Chausov hopes that the debate will be able to find a constructive and terms of cooperation and possible coordination between the representatives of these different strategies.

"The fact that the event is on the BPF, emphasizes the importance of this room not only as a cultural center, but also the center of political life in Belarus."

Regarding the situation around the evictions by the authorities of the BPF space lord Chausov said:

Yuri Chausov

"Now the ball is on the side of the landlord, ZHREO who sent the message that will be served a counterclaim for eviction BPF. BPF has filed a complaint against the renewal of the lease, and the landlord files a complaint for eviction. And it is delayed."

Soviet Communal Service district of Minsk refused to renew the lease on April 1 this year. However, the representatives of the party said that the volunteer will not leave their estates and will defend it.

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