Debriefing UFO

October 17, 2011 12:03

Debriefing UFO

Study of press releases and the "news" in recent weeks suggests that "castling" in "tandem" came as a shock, even for seasoned for 20 years, much newsmakers.

Some are packing their bags, others are in collapse, the third-fastest "regrouped" and is becoming the new hard licking old ass. Almost all people do not look or read for busy same — some are packed suitcases, others are stocking soap, sugar, canned food and other things that you may need during the 12 years of the new era of "stagnation." Even if the "stagnation" will be covered with a copper basin in spite of all someone's plans — the goods of the economy is also needed. Especially iron and copper-brass containers.

In general, it seems that nothing happens anywhere, the world is plunged into hibernation. However, this is not true because the world is not limited to Russia:

Night … last Friday, October 7, villagers near Orenburg South saw in the sky several unidentified flying objects. According to witnesses, they have witnessed a veritable "dogfight."

Other sites even give a piece of video from the scene.

A couple of years ago, this kind of message has exclusive interest in UFO, and the rest of the public perceives mildly skeptical. However, during this period of time, much has changed. After President Kennedy was killed is supposed plans for disclosure of information about UFOs, choosing all subsequent presidents Americans wondered: tell or not tell? But now, after the UFO lit up CNN in the frame at the inauguration of Barack Obama, people have asked, he will tell? That would tell — there is little doubt in anyone.

At the time we first noticed that on the same city of Sochi UFO once frequented.

Then roll over and wrote many laughed, how you fell in yellowness. Unfortunately, the archive of the old forum has not been preserved to give you a couple of quotes. But that time has passed and … UFO over Sochi on television talk about regularly.

Yes, and all over the world, it is already fully accepted the reality. So it somehow come into our lives. Actually enter. Not rule out that the world crisis somehow connected with this, for example, explanatory capitalists already regroup resources.

UFO at all frequent in the atmosphere recently, the most impressive observation in recent years was at the end of August in Kitae.Vysokaya UFO activity in the East

In the skies over the two largest cities in China — Shanghai and Beijing — almost at the same time were seen unidentified flying objects. Glowing UFO giant over Shanghai saw more than a dozen crews flying in the area of aircraft. According to one of the pilots, he saw a huge glowing spherical object in flight over Shanghai on August 20, at 21:00 local time, at the height of 10.7 thousand meters. Ball of light grew in size until it reached more than 50 nautical miles (92.6 km) in diameter. What is surprising — in the Department of Civil Aviation of China confirmed the information about the appearance of a UFO in the sky over Shanghai and did not talk about the "balloons" and "weather balloons." Chinese newspapers wrote about this, and newspapers in China — it's almost like the Soviet "Izvestia", without the approval of the CPC does not write. And it does not seem that the Chinese authorities have decided to somehow educate the population at home. Rather, it was a sign of other countries, who are suspected of contacts with UFOs war — saying, look, we have here is not so simple.

But in fact a UFO sighting in China is not very significant event against 2011 year. If something similar happened a few years ago — about China TV blew a morning to evening. But look how many UFOs were observed during the year.

Laid out on YouTube clips of a small assembly of the year.

In the assembly, of course, installed and some fake, we just write it (perhaps specially made to specifically unbelievers UFO opponents have not touched the mind before the inexorable facts, and they left lazeechku).

The 30th-seconds — UFO group to maneuver against the power lines, located in the path of vision. The next 30 seconds, the same objects are given to increase. Similar objects are shown in the 4th, 5th and the 8th minute.

2nd minute — we can see something like a dogfight between two UFOs.

Yet really the most interesting and most informative movie movie of the year and in our opinion, and according to most experts — is a UFO sighting over the Temple Mount in the beginning of 2011:

In the video, captured the glowing object, which at first descends to the surface just about the Temple Mount, then hovering briefly soars upward. What was that experts are still guessing, but guess what — remember what happened then? Then, on the Middle East revolutions swept series — Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria. And it has long been observed that UFOs always appear very often just before such events. The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, is a kind of a place of power in the Middle East

Similar to awake the Middle East events are scheduled like in Russia, especially as recent reports of sightings NLO here more like records of aerial combat. That is not a UFO flying peacefully in the sky and fighting with each other is possible only if the UFO guests — it's done different forces, different systems, so to speak, with different plans and view of the world. For a long time, they probably watched more of our civilization, but now seems to be the period of observation was replaced by action. Fighting. And everything that happens in the world — whether financial crises, revolutions in the East, and so on — it's only the echoes of those actions. And as it would turn out in the end — it was very interesting to know.


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