Declassified by the most famous in the world of the story of aliens

October 17, 2011 13:33

FBI declassified documents about the visit of aliens on our planet. In one file, dated 1950, the head of the Washington office of the FBI Guy Hottel induct Director Office of the unusual discoveries made by the U.S. Air Force during the investigation of crashes unidentified objects over the Nevada desert. "In New Mexico, found three so-called flying saucers — report Hottel in his report. — Each of them found in humanoid. "

The investigator, whose name has been exposed to a security classification, provided information to a special agent, whose name is not mentioned in the report for the same reasons. The informant reported that the powerful radar mounted on a military base near the town of Roswell, apparently caused the failure in the technical systems of aircraft, which led to their downfall.

Found on the site of the crash described the UFO as objects with a diameter of about 50 feet (15.25 m), "having a round shape with a raised center." As for pilots flying saucers, they resemble humans, but their growth does not exceed three feet (less than a meter). Alien body dressed in metallic cloth extremely fine texture and cut of the garment in its own similar suits, which are used in the world test pilots.

Hottel report concludes, that the special agent did not attempt to find out new details of the incident. At the same time, the mention of the unusual discovery is confirmed in another dispatch to the Director of the Bureau, dated 1947 and marked marked "urgent."

In another declassified document states that recovered near Roswell debris disc "hexagonal" resembling weather balloon. The agent sends the content call the military, from which it follows that they do not believe in earthly origin of the object and is going to send it to the base at Wright Field for further research. By dispatch notes that marked "urgent" he placed on the grounds of "national interest."

Roswell in New Mexico became infamous after being leaked to the American press reports about the crash July 2, 1947 alien aircraft close to a nearby military base. It was reported that the "flying saucers" were allegedly found dead humanoids, over which the U.S. government conducted a series of experiments, and the autopsy aliens as information about UFOs themselves, were classified.

Persistent rumors gave the military itself. Initially, the Air Force have reported, though one of the officers was lucky to find a flying saucer. But the next day, the Defense Ministry issued an official press release, which contained unremarkable information. Like, object, "originally adopted for the flying disc" was just a weather balloon that crashed on a ranch near the military base.

Media and the public is surprisingly fast to reconcile with this prose versions and lost interest in the discovery. Roswell disappeared from the headlines, and any mention of it faded away until the late 1970s, when the silence was interrupted some of the soldiers who took part in those events.


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